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Executive Search

“Leaders in humanizing digital transformation & growth”


Newpeople Executive Search has been a thought leader in the field of digital leadership for nearly 15 years. We have built lasting relationships with these ‘new’ leaders, both for companies involved in digital transformation and for ‘pure players’ with a strong focus on digital growth. We know and connect these new digital leaders.

Executive positions

For nearly 15 years, we have been an inspiring and motivating thought leader in digital leadership. We work for organisations transforming from ‘old to new’ who are in various stages of their digital transformation, as well as for ‘pure players’ who started out as digital companies and who are facing further growth (scale-ups and grown-ups).

We know and connect digital leaders at C-Level, Director and MT level who are closely involved in this digital transformation and growth, such as: CEO, CCO, CMO, CDO, COO, CPTO, CIO. We also fulfil (digital) supervisory positions.

“For nearly 15 years, we have been an inspiring and motivating thought leader in digital leadership.”


Thought leadership

Every year, Newpeople Executive Search organises several knowledge events, round tables and the Digital Transformers Awards. As a sparring partner and sounding board, we bring leaders and knowledge together. We understand the key challenges within digital transformation and digital growth, which enables us to identify what a digital leader needs to bring to the table in 2020.

Digital Leadership, the podcast

We celebrate 25 years of internet, a lot has happened you would say, or hasn’t it? Who are the big change agents? Who are disruptive? Who is the digital leader? What actually is a digital leader? Is there such a thing? In this DEMO Hanneke Rinkes speaks with our own Ben Holewijn, founder of Newpeople, the digital executive search agency of the Netherlands. Listen the podcast below.

Relevant blogs, events & vacancies

Other services

Besides Executive Search, Newpeople offers various other customised services, such as Recruitment, Interim, International Recruitment & People Solutions. Read more about our services or contact us if you have any questions.

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