Designing Digital Teams.


Your organisation is on the verge of a large digital transformation or may already be in the middle of it. Old habits and ways of working are currently obstacles to digital acceleration. A (new) digital team needs to be put in place that will be responsible for making a culture change within the whole organisation in order to make progress, a reality.

Or, possibly, you are a pure player, ready to start making more scalable growth a reality and you have the intention of instating a new (digital) team.

You need a partner that helps you define the challenge and the right way to structure the organisation accordingly. A partner that can also offer advice when it comes to designing, building and onboarding (digital) teams.


The composition of a digital team is the most important thing to achieve success. It takes more than just building a regular team. The team has to be flexible, multidisciplinary, and contain a combination of strategy, execution, technique, data, creativity and psychological insights.

We help organisations undergoing digital transformation and growth, in designing these teams. The business strategy and the way in which this translates to the digital forms the basis for this. We match this to a people strategy that ensures the right team can be implemented.

By attracting the necessary digital capabilities and competences in the team, we are working on a sustainable future for your company, together.

The composition of a digital team is the most important thing to achieve success.

We have been a thought leader in the field of designing, building and onboarding digitaal teams for the past 15 years. We understand the most important challenges when it comes to digital transformation and growth, which is how we know what exactly makes a digital team successful.

Newpeople organises several roundtables, hubs and knowledge-based events on a yearly basis such as Online Tuesday and the Digital Transformers Awards. As a sparring partner and sounding board, we enjoy bringing digital leaders and knowledge pertaining to the right digital team, together. 


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