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Wish opens an European office in Amsterdam


The immensely popular shopping app Wish has opened its European office in Amsterdam. They want to attract more local merchants to their platform with their local presence.

Head of Business Development Europe Sarah Hughes finds some time between job applicant interviews to answer some questions. “The Monday before last I was given the key to our office in WeWork Amsterdam. Currently I’m recruiting professionals to startup the European activities. Presumably, we will have our own office by the end of the year.”

She is searching for sales- and accountmanager professionals and still has positions left on senior level. “By the end of the summer we will have six to seven professionals and by the end of the year we’ll have ten to fifteen.”

The daily operations of the European office in Amsterdam will mainly consist of contacting merchants and connecting them to the Wish platform. “And helping them generate more revenue through Wish.”

The main difference with shopping platforms like AliExpress, Amazon en Zalando, explained by Sarah, is in the demographic of the user and in the shopping app itself. “We have a younger target group, because we are more appealing to the millennials. Furthermore, our app is not “search based”, but has an Instagram style, that takes the user on a journey through the deals of that moment.”

There is no desire to start a promotional campaign in Europe any time soon. “We are the number one in m-Commerce in Europe and America and have a wide social reach.” The office will mainly focus on marketplace and marketing. Things like fulfillment and payments, where competitors in this market do invest in, are currently not on the agenda.

The company claims to deal with million orders and five million unique users daily. A quarter million new users register every day. Sixty percent of users are women.

Wish out of San Francisco gathered 1.1 billion dollar in venture capital, in six investment rounds. DST Global, Founders Fund, IDG and GGC Capital were among them.

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