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Web Content Specialist Completed assignment Amsterdam | 40-45K

April 1, 2019

Are you ready to take responsibility for customer care in a fast-growing international company? Do you want to help this company with a clear “customer first” policy to automate customer care? Do you have the qualities to create good content? And can you also act on a strategic level and know how to address different target groups? Then you are the Web Content Specialist that we are looking for!

The organisation

This is the kind of company that will surprise you, literally everyone wants to work here. The organisation owes its success to the team composition consisting of social and fast achievers. The employees form the very basis of this organisation. Here everyone is an entrepreneur and has the opportunity to share their creativity and make an international impact.

The organisation provides an online payment platform, a product created by their key incentives such as creativity, innovation and seizing the right opportunity. Can you agree with this? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

The job

As a Web Content Specialist you are the one who will automize the customer care. In this company, customer care is one of the 8 core pillars on which steering is done. An indication of the value that is attached to this position. To optimize customer care, you will work with copywriters on the content of the FAQ site and prepare roadmaps and vision boards to automize customer care. Together with your team you ensure that the (content) knowledge bases are kept up to date and that the posted content is relevant and attractive. But the most important thing remains that you can act understanding to the customer and are able to proactively solve problems.

The requirements

To fulfill this vacancy we are looking for an empathetic, solution-oriented, creative, innovative team player who puts the customer first. We are looking for someone who:

  • Has 2+ years of experience as a Content Specialist.
  • Is able to automate customer care with the help of roadmaps and vision boards.
  • Has experience with customer care.
  • Is trained in writing strong content.
  • Speaks both Dutch and English fluently.

The offer

As a Web Content Specialist you are the designated person to uphold the international reputation of this company. By ensuring good customer satisfaction, you make yourself indispensable within a major international online player. Get ready for this challenge and who knows, maybe you will get hold of the golden ticket and become a part of this innovative top club.

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Delano BrandTeam Lead International

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