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SEO Lead Completed assignment Utrecht | 45-60K

April 28, 2019

What’s the secret in the success of Amazon? Two simple, but genius things: affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship. This company owns several websites generating leads for the sports industry, Igaming and investment. And they are looking for an entrepreneurial SEO lead who’ll internationally thrive their SEO.

What are you getting in to?

A ridiculous ambitious and successful organisation. They are the market leader in the niche for affiliate marketing platforms. They work for large (international) clients in the sports, Igaming and investment industries. Based in Utrecht this scale-up works with an entrepreneurial, young and driven team towards an even larger success.

Internationally they have proven to be successful with a unique strategy and target group targeting in an extremely competitive market.

What are you looking for?

The vacancy in a nutshell;

  • A company with a pioneers challenge for SEO;
  • Responsibility and freedom to thrive your entrepreneurial mindset;  
  • The dynamic off working for several well known international brands;

As an SEO Lead you’ll come up with the SEO strategy for a number of websites. You’ll ensure that this company converts to the most leads by reaching the right target group.

In this you’re not only executing, but you are also strategically involved in the growth of the organisation. You provide advice on building new websites and optimizing the current website. This will be based on your own preference and experience to give you the best possible portfolio.

As a SEO Lead, your goal is to generate more (online) traffic to the websites of our customers. You’ll develop and achieve a successful SEO strategy for the long term. You’ve got enough wisdom about SEO (on-page, off-page SEO, copywriting, content, link building, link baiting and technical SEO (HTML, CMS)). You master the art of optimization like no other. And you will be the guide for this affiliate marketing platform. Therefore your key responsibilities will be:

  • Being awesome, not only in SEO;
  • Optimize traffic on current websites;
  • Thinking along and setting up the SEO strategy for new websites;

You move between strategy and operation and work easily at different levels within this start-up, but you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves.

How would your friends describe you?

  • Multiple years experience as SEO Specialist on content, technical and link building;
  • Strong personality, flexible in working with others, but also strong in working independent;
  • You have good communication skills and an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • You are able to set up a strong long-term strategy, but are also able to switch quickly and achieve results on a short term;

The offer

  • Responsibility, freedom and a unique chance to work on something big;
  • A nice performance based ruling;

  • Some nice, cool and fun people to work with. Come experience it yourself while enjoying a drink?

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Corwin in den EngConsultant Online Marketing

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