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Senior SEO Specialist Completed assignment Amsterdam | TBD

February 9, 2019

Are you looking for a company with a pioneers challenge for SEO, responsibility and urge to make an impact with results, a dynamic off working for the website, retailers and marketplaces and the possibility to give advice to local markets and retailers? Are you the SEO specialist piece in this team to complete their wardrobe? Then this vacancy is definitely something for you.  


This company is an Amsterdam based fashion brand. They are known for their passion; travellers and collectors. They are always looking for that one piece of unique clothing that makes the heart beat faster. Their values are is Creative, chaotic, curious, playful and easygoing. 

Job Description

As a Senior SEO Specialist in this vacancy, your goal is to generate more (online) traffic to our website and stores. You’ll develop and achieve a successful SEO strategy for the long term. You’ve got enough wisdom about SEO (on-page, off-page SEO, copywriting, content, link building, linkbaiting and technical SEO (HTML, CMS). You master the art of optimization like no other. You will be the guide for this premium fashion brand on SEO.

  • You will work closely with the Paid Media manager to establish a good balance between SEO and SEA to avoid cannibalism and to get the most out of both traffic sources. There is a ambition to raise the ranking and traffic of their app to a higher level. You are responsible for devising a strong action plan and implementing it.
  • Their retail stores need to be optimized further in the search engines. You understand that this could cannibalize with the marketplaces and the website. So you’ll bring this force into balance.
  • You have good insight into longtail keywords that have potential for our brand, and are able to translate this into effective content in collaboration with our studio department for our brand website.
  • You feel encouraged about upgrading Video SEO on Youtube and Vimeo to increase a higher traffic volume from it. You are able to setup a clear Organic Search Performance framework and steer results based on this. You want to be in the lead of external agencys and understand that teamwork will get the job done. The content team you’ll be working with is dependant of your expertise.


  • Multiple years experience as SEO Specialist on content, technical and link-building.
  • Strong personality, flexible in working with others but also strong independant.
  • You have excellent communication skills and are not afraid to stand up for your channel.
  • You are able to set up a strong long-term strategy, but are also able to switch quickly and achieve results in the short term.
  • Proven results with optimizing the ranking of apps has an advantage.
  • You have experience with managing an external (SEO) agency.


If you’re interested please let me know so we can have a coffee. You don’t need to worry about the terms of employment. This company understands that:

  • You don’t work for free.
  • You want responsibility.
  • You want to be appreciated.
  • Be part of a team and are valued.

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Corwin in den EngSenior Consultant Online Marketing

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