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Senior SEA Specialist Completed assignment Amsterdam | TBD

February 3, 2019

You’re an expert when it comes to performance and SEA obviously doesn’t hold any secrets for you. Numbers are your thing and analyzing data is what you love to do. You have always been the best in class and you’re basically destined to define international strategy. I guess it’s safe to say that you’ve got what it takes to take over the entire world. Pretty much sounds like you? Make sure to keep on reading about this opportunity at one of the most exciting Dutch e-Commerce companies of the moment.


We’re talking about an extremely ambitious scale-up that is currently active in over 10 countries and is listed as one of the fastest growing and most innovative B2C e-Commerce companies of 2018. They’re basically growing to be the worldwide leader in customizing products for consumers and businesses. Due to their data-driven approach and complete automation of work and order flows they are one not to be messed with. When fulfilling this vacancy you will take control over all SEA programmes and campaigns within the organization.

Job description

As a Senior SEA Specialist you will be of vital importance to the e-Commerce team. Using your Online Marketing knowledge you will take charge of the SEA channels and processes, using data to optimize them and increase effectivity and efficiency. You will be responsible for developing and managing the digital advertising strategy across multiple countries. In this, achieving maximum ROI is key and it will be your task take your colleagues along with you on this journey. In order to succeed within this vacancy, you need to be:

  • Strategic, analytic and data-driven with excellent communication skills
  • Commercially minded and able to come up with new SEA initiatives
  • Able to translate campaign results into concrete action plans to optimize performance


This vacancy requires the following:

  • 5+ years of experience running paid digital advertising B2C campaigns in an e-Commerce environment
  • A deep understanding of high performance search engine marketing and the ability to lead SEA strategy, development and optimisation
  • Fluency in English (Dutch is not a requirement) and international experience


With your extensive experience, the description above probably fits you like a glove. So why not take this chance to immerse yourself in a dynamic, ever-growing and very multicultural organization? As a Senior SEA Specialist you will make an impact on an international level. There will be endless room for your ideas as you will be the one to take the entire company on an exciting journey.

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Alice EeftingConsultant International

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