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Product Owner e-Commerce Completed assignment Amsterdam | 60-70K

February 8, 2019

Are you the superhero that Europe’s fastest growing online auction platform is looking for? Also known as the hidden Van Gogh or the lost Michelangelo among the digital marketers? Looking for multiple ways to develop yourself in leading teams as well as on a individual professional level? Then I would read this Product Owner e-Commerce vacancy if I were you..

About the organisation

Born and raised in the Netherlands in 2008, this it has now grown to over 500 employees working across 7 international offices without losing the start-up mentality. The company is a leader in its field with influence in over 10 countries and more that 50 million users. With their international and diverse employees it is an strongly committed, humble and open atmosphere on the workfloor.

Job Description

As an Product Owner e-Commerce you will be responsible for designing the user journey in a way that drives repeat buyers and sellers to the platform. How? By providing a world-class post-sale experience and by that building trust on our platform. You will be the superhero that solves problems for their users and removes friction from the platform. You won’t do this alone, you will work with topnotch companies and peers to build solutions that their users will love. Besides, you will collaborate with highly talented business and development teams. In order to fulfill this vacancy, you definitely need to be:

  • Ambitious and eager to learn all the ins- an outs of this fast growing platform
  • Analytical, data-driven and passionate about A/B testing frameworks
  • Proven expert in inspiring and leading development teams


The Superhero to fulfill the position as Product Owner e-Commerce this platform is looking for must have some of the following requirements:

  • Experience in problem solving based on collected customer insights and using both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Experience with experimentation including A/B testing frameworks
  • Experience in defining MVP product roll outs

The offer

When you fulfill this vacancy and join this company you will be part of an easy-going, diverse and international team with over 40 nationalities located in the heart of Amsterdam. Due to the entrepreneurial environment you’ll actively contribute to the growth of the company itself. On a professional level there are trainings being offered, but they also take the level of fun into account with organizing activities such as Board Game Nights, Pub Quizzes, you name it. Sounds fun? Call!

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Delano BrandTeam Lead International

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