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Global Head of Marketing Completed assignment Amsterdam | TBD

October 30, 2018

Are you ready to fulfill the vacancy of Global Head of Marketing and become part of an expanding international branch, operating under a corporate that is one of the world’s market leaders in chemical products.


This company operates as a branch under a bigger company. It develops tools and services that allow their customers to order and buy products and services online. The main company is one of the world market leaders in chemical products. The company has offices around the world and the particular branch you will be working for is located in Amsterdam. You will be joining a team of over 45 international professionals, working hard to make digital innovations happen.

Job Description

As the new Global Head of Marketing at this company, you will need to have a strong eye on customer experiences and needs and create and lead new ways of doing e-commerce and global marketing. You will work in a branch under a corporate and manage local teams and be part of the development of the companies digital tools and services. Moreover, your responsibilities will be:

  • To lead, develop, transform and manage the global digital marketing of the tools and services by coordinating the global digital marketing, including managing marketing operations in the different countries
  • Influence the development of the tools and services with ideas and feedback from customers based on experiences and data
  • Develop the framework for lead generation, conversion, development, win back and churn reduction and building a team that will gather user data in order to improve the proposition, boost conversion, stimulate the amount of returning customers and reduce churn.


In order to become a part of this international company and fulfill the vacancy as Global Head of Marketing, you are an experienced marketing executive with a proven track record in growing and scaling digital (marketplace) platforms. You are able to build your own team, understand startup mentality and skills and grasp the complexity of a corporate organisation. Moreover, you will need to:

  • Be a self starter and a teambuilder, that has a getting things done mentality.
  • Have a strong marketing background and a track record in launching and leading world-class brand-and marketing campaigns internationally.
  • Be able to act as a global professional, has experience with and understand international cultures, have a strategic view including execution power to get things done and a proven track record in managing the growth of a digital platform.


When fulfilling the vacancy as Global Head of Marketing you will be part of an expanding team that you can build to gather knowledge and create the actions needed for rapid expansion. The company is ready to grow the digital activities by digital marketing initiatives, have an impact on further development based on customer journey experiences, need recommendations, base marketing, analytics, insights and so on.


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