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Global Data-Driven Marketing Insights and Analytics Lead Amsterdam | TBD

September 6, 2018

Would you like to work for an highly ambitious company that is known on a world-wide basis? Are you experienced with data-driven customization and personalization? Do you know who to communicate to, when and how? Then definitely read this vacancy as Global Data-Driven Marketing Insights and Analytics Lead at one of the biggest multinationals in the Netherlands.


This company continuously wants to improve and is therefore focusing on improving their personalized communication and commercial propositions by 2021. You can join them on this journey, take the lead in further developing and realizing your ideas to succeed and eventually celebrate your victory party in 2021. And since time flies when you are having fun, this will be sooner than you think! Another benefit? When this project is finished and that door closes, another one will open, which gives you future options, also overseas.

Job Description

It is needless to say that you will be fulfilling a unique and meaningful vacancy at the unique company. Your ultimate goal is to increase sales by delivering customized communication to the right consumers, at the right time, in the right place, in the right content. As Global Data-Driven Marketing Insights and Analytics Lead you will be in contact with operating companies worldwide and are responsible for:

  • Guiding the operating companies on successfully pursue media targeting, analyzing audiences and creating best practices on how to approach analysis.
  • Develop best practices by consolidating learnings about effective iDDM strategies across operating companies and raise the level of analytics capabilities of the operating companies
  • Supervise direct report focused on data-driven guidances for creatives, analytics to guide creative production & use of dynamic/versioned/multivariate creatives


In order to join this company’s journey and fulfill this vacancy and become their newest lead, there are some aspects that you need to have:

  • 7-10 years of (consulting or managerial) experience in a similar global role in data science and analytics, either clients side in FMGG or retail or agency side in ad tech or digital consulting
  • Experience with Alterlyx, Tableau, Python and R and in-tool programmatic experience (Facebook and DoubleClick)
  • Educational background in engineering, computer science or econometrics and that combined with strong foundational tech, statistics and data science skills.


When you are reading this vacancy and believe that you might be the right candidate for the position of Global Data-Driven Marketing Insights and Analytics Lead, you get the chance to become a part of something bigger (and with your help, better!). Not only will you get appropriate compensation, but you will work in a world-wide operating company that is ambitious and that wants to invest in their personalized communication and commercial propositions. Are you that peoples person that knows what your (future) consumers want and needs? We believe you are!

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Caran TankeSenior Consultant Digital Analytics & Data