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EMEA Ecommerce Manager Completed assignment Amsterdam | 60K

January 17, 2019

Imagine a busy marketplace. Hundreds of stalls.
Everyone loves it – the customers and the sellers.
One stall sells decent stuff. You know, it’s fine. It gets by.
The stall next to it sells similar stuff, but from huge brands. Brands people have heard of. Brands people love.

The stall with the bigger brands sells more.
That’s just how it is, no matter how hard the smaller stall works.
That’s not to say bigger stall doesn’t work hard. It’s just that their effort goes a lot further.
It’s not wasted.
Wouldn’t you prefer to work on the stall with the bigger brands?

There’s a vacancy as Ecommerce Manager for someone who wants to set up a stall with a big company.
Here, the marketplace is Amazon. Or certainly, that’s the main one, because you’ll get a chance to work with other channels.
You’ll manage basically everything that makes the company a success through these channels.
That includes looking after online sales, managing internal stakeholders, and business development.

Because you’re in charge, you can do everything your way, provided you can justify it. As Ecommerce Manager, you take full ownership of daily ops, and credit for the results.
All your creative sales ideas coming to life. You get to see your work being effective, and you get to reap the benefits.
All you have to do to be a success is hit a few key goals on things like improving consumer experience and influencing consumer feedback.
And you’ve got a better chance of being successful because the brands you’ll be helping to sell are so popular.

The brands in question are owned by an organisation that designs, manufactures and markets innovative food and beverage solutions.
And it’s not like they’re not successful already. They’re a global company with sales in the tens of millions.
You can take them to the next level.

To fit in, you’ll need good written and oral English (you’re already reading this, so that’s a start), and German would be useful.
You’ll need at least two years experience in ecommerce within the European market. An absolute must is experience with Amazon AMS and FBA, because that’s the job.

If that’s you, and you want your efforts to go further, let me know! 

Don’t let your effort go to waste on a little stall.

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Victoria SchumacherConsultant International