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Director Digital Commerce Development Completed assignment Amsterdam | TBD

October 26, 2017

Interested in an exciting new position, offering the opportunity to develop and grow a leading digital sales channel globally?


This organization is world leading in gardening equipment with 13,000 employees in over 35 countries. Ambition of market leadership by 2020. Next step is expansion and profitable growth that aims at outgrowing the market by 1 to 2 percentage points per year while continually improving the operating margin.

The Global Business Development Team is responsible for running the Strategic Plan 2020 and related initiatives. Specifically, this teams work on identifying key areas for future growth – rolling out digital commerce strategies is earmarked as key initiative for this growth.

Job Description

In this role you drive the companies online transactions-focused efforts, with the aim to have significant share of the company’s sales (10-15%) coming from Digital in 2020. As the company operates on a highly collaborative strategy with their dealers, this digital e-commerce platform is designed to offer an additional online channel, with the focus on attracting new B2B and B2C clients currently not being served.

You are responsible for:

  • Setting the strategy of both our short term and longer term solution, for the total B2C and B2B eCommerce; develop and ensure the proper back-bone infrastructure to support the front-end online activities (logistics, customer service, etc); onboard local sales organizations and dealers onto the digital journey
  • Act as key coordinator regarding all assets required to build the online solution: visual design, marketing, legal, etc; coordinate with regional and local counterparts to secure implementation as well as drive the sharing of best practices
  • Lead in roll-out of e-commerce activities that will make it easier for end customers to shop online, as well as develop more user-friendly digital ordering systems for their dealers; support the regions in their business plans; position the company as an easy partner to do business with by developing relevant solutions that build this proposition


You bring:

  • Strong analytical skillset, while also having a hands-on mentality; able to digest complex information and bring back to its’ core messages
  • Extensive experience in the digital area; extensive knowledge regarding Digital Transformation; having implemented digital commerce (transactional) solutions, and having experience building a total e-commerce and fulfillment operation
  • Strong communication skills, convincing speaker, presenter also on Boardroom level; experience in dealing with senior stakeholders (within and across divisions); recognized as an innovation leader, as well as a person with a decent in-/ external network; passionate, energetic, and intrinsic drive to continuously improve the companies and his/her own performance


(Senior) Director position at an international company with competitive renumeration package (fixed and bonus component).

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Niekie JansenDirector Executive Search

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