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Digital Marketing Lead Completed assignment Amsterdam | TBD

January 30, 2018

Are you passionate about digital marketing and do you want to be in the lead of launching new e-commerce platforms internationally? As Digital Marketing Lead you will take complete ownership of this role with global reach. Do you want to know more about this vacancy? Please contact me!


Yes, they are a fast growing tech company in scale-up phase. Yes they have the best and the brightest working there and looking for similar capabilities in you. So what makes them special? Well, they operate in six European countries now and are moving into at least 10 new ones this year. Not small countries though. They are going after the big fish. They are not just growing, they are exploding.

Job description

As Digital Marketing Lead you will be responsible for the launch of high traffic e-commerce platforms all over the world. Hereby you will lead multidisciplinary teams with experts in Traffic Generation, Conversion Optimization, Growth Hacking and other key experts at arms-length. You are responsible for making sure that the right revenue is made in the right way.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Lead the digital strategy for a high traffic e-commerce platform into new markets
  • Create best practices and define performance KPIs
  • Coach a team of digital experts (UX, SEA, SEO, CRO, Brand)  


For this vacancy we are looking for Digital Marketing Lead with a proven commercial track record combined with an analytical background.

  • You have 4+ years of experience in digital marketing within e-commerce companies
  • Experience with high traffic e-commerce companies (Experience of working with markets in the USA and Canada would be an advantage)
  • You are customer centric, interested in market area development and have developed a strategic way of thinking


You will get the opportunity to be an entrepreneur within an existing business. The office lives and breathes innovation, tech and entrepreneurship. Also, hierarchy is something they have never heard of! Does this vacancy sounds interesting to you? Please contact me!

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Delano BrandTeam Lead International

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