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Customer Marketing Manager Completed assignment Amsterdam | 60-70K

January 29, 2019

Is B2B Marketing part of your DNA? Are you hungry for creating optimal marketing strategies for international organisations around the globe? Do you like travelling for work and are you eager to present your own strategy towards stakeholders? Then definitely check out this vacancy!

The best burger

If you wanted the best burger, it’d make sense to go somewhere that trains others on how to make good burgers, because they’re the experts. If you wanted to learn Kung Fu, go to someone who helps others be good at Kung Fu. So if you wanted to find somewhere good to work – why not work for someone who teaches other companies how to be better employers?

What you need to bring

As Customer Marketing Manager you’ll report directly to the CMO of the company. The working environment is fast, dynamic, innovative and strongly driven. The company seeks a personality that compliments this. Your focus will be to optimize their B2B strategy towards different clients (at least 14 key accounts/companies across the globe). So it’s not strange to say that it includes a fair bit of stakeholder management: you know how to work and interact with organizations in all shapes & sizes. As your strategy is based on data that you gather and your analysis, you are analytical by heart.

The requirements for this vacancy

You’ll take full responsibility for optimizing the B2B marketing and campaigns. You’ll have ownership over managing your own relationships. What might be slightly different to what you’re used to is you’ll get the opportunity to travel – making personal connections and getting a taste of a number of big brands across the globe.

To be the Customer Marketing Manager this company is looking for, you’ll need to have:

  • At least 5 years of experience with B2B Customer Marketing, Communications, Channel Marketing and Strategy
  • A proven track record of understanding customer needs and decision-making process
  • The will to work in a dynamic environment: you’ll travel around 20-30% of the time

The right treatment

This organisation is known because it helps other companies to treat their employees better. That’s the service. This has already improved the lives of 5 million employees around the world. How do we know they’ll treat you well? You get an array of benefits, like 27 days holiday, bonuses, and more.

Here, you can take all your experience to the next level and work somewhere that genuinely knows how to treat its staff. Find out more? Let me know!

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Alice EeftingSenior Consultant International Recruitment

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