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Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist Completed assignment Amsterdam | TBD

April 26, 2019

Are you an A-player when it comes to CRO, continuously improving conversion rates for the past three (or more) years? Do you constantly like to formulate, initiate and conduct new experiments? Are you able to increase the LTV while sleeping? Then you are the Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist we’re looking for! Read the vacancy below.

The organisation

Would you like to work for Nike, Google, Uber or Bol.com? Do you like a challenge and is it your dream to work on the CRO at tomorrow’s Unicorn? Be quick! There are only a few seats left on their exciting ride, which can only be taken by a social, entrepreneurial team-player with a commercial mindset. The organisation we’re talking about is an online tech platform active in over 150 countries and with multiple labels in the scale-up phase. Needless to say, they’re bursting with opportunity and growth. Do you want that ticket yet?

All about the job

As a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist you will be experimenting all the time. Test, eat, sleep, repeat. The short term goal will be the optimising of conversion rates: one percentage improvement equals an immense increase in income. Although an increase in revenue is always welcome, your long term goal will be the increasing of the customer LTV. Working closely with UX designers and Front End Developers you will document learnings and give directions to future hypothesis. What more will you be doing?

  • Perform customer segmentation and learn to understand how these specific customers behave and (re)act
  • Communicating constantly with teams like Brand, Copy and Design, Marketing and Tech
  • Running ROI analyses by working in a data-driven way

The requirements for this vacancy

To succeed as a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist you need the following skills and experience:

  • 3+ years experience in CRO (preferably in eCommerce or Travel)
  • The ability to analyse shopping behaviour of new and returning customers and different customer segments
  • A very result driven and commercial mindset

The offer

This vacancy is a one in a million chance to work for a fast paced tech company with the potential and goal of becoming a unicorn. Here everything is possible, every idea counts, the sky’s the limit. You’ll eat challenges for breakfast. As a bonus the company invests in continuous growth: a built-in company academy makes sure of that. If this sounds like a mountain you’d like to conquer, get in touch with us!

Interested in this vacancy? Contact Alice EeftingSenior Consultant International Recruitment

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