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Chief Executive Officer (USA Based) Completed assignment USA | TBD

August 22, 2018

Are you an experienced entrepreneur, do you want to take on the challenge to bring a company to the next level, are you ready to take on a role as CEO and do you like being surrounded by flowers? Then you should read this vacancy because iBuyFlowers is looking for you!


IBuyFlowers is a digital platform that has disruptively changed the global cut flower & foliage market. It’s concept, connecting wedding planners and flower shops directly with growers, has broken down the traditional chain (via auctions). Due to iBuyFlowers, flowers and foliage can now be accessed in shops quicker and with a better price. This disruptive force has opened up opportunities and growth possibilities for iBuyFlowers. The company is currently mainly active in the USA and is managed from the Netherlands. With its great success, iBuyFlowers is now looking for a person that can fulfill the CEO role and lead the company out of the USA.

With the exact location of the HQ in the USA still to be decided, iBuyFlowers has the goal of improving the revenue at a very high growth rate. The aim is to fulfill this mission by improving the customer journey, adding more customers, boosting the amount of returning customers and so on.

Job Description

As CEO you should have a background in marketing, investment, data and platform business. There are certain key responsibilities if you fulfill this vacancy, which include:

  • Managing the overall performance of the company and bring it to the next level
  • Coordinating sales and marketing, using data analytics and managing the salespersons in the US (3) in order to improve the proposition, boost conversion, stimulate the amount of returning customers and reduce churn
  • Preparing a financing round in the USA by producing relevant material and getting in place the right local relationships.


The ideal candidate for this vacancy is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record in boosting platforms (preferably B to B) and that has a sales and marketing background. You should be able to smoothly switch between operational and strategic issues and:

  • Have a strong marketing background and data driven mentality with a sharp eye for the customer journey
  • Proven track record in managing the growth of a platform in the US collaborating with customers and investors
  • Be located in the US


You will have the chance to be part of a great company that will make a huge impact on the flower industry. Moreover, you will be able to be active in a challenging and great role in a huge market. Eventually you will be the driver of a very successful journey.

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