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Chief Executive Officer Completed assignment Amsterdam | TBD

August 23, 2018

Can you easily adapt to situations? Can you take on that leader role and are you ready for a challenge? Then you are the Chief Executive Officer to fulfill the vacancy at Showtag!


Showtag.tv is a start-up that is currently being operated out of Norway. However, the company is expanding its operations towards the beautiful Amsterdam. The aim of the company is to provide its customers with a software layer and content to enrich the viewers experience. Consumers (content owners & distributors) are therefore able to buy products seen on tv, access additional video content, get targeted advertisement and gather additional information related to the programs they are watching.

With a major Norwegian customer, the international interest in Showtag is growing, and you can be a part of this great development by becoming their new Chief Executive Officer.

Job Description

Showtag is looking for an experienced entrepreneur and/or investor with a strong media background, who is ready to help the company by improving the performance and take it to the next level. To fulfill the vacancy, you are therefore able to fulfill the vacancy of a CEO role, and lead this company to the next step from the Netherlands. Are you the hard worker that can boost the marketing and sales of this company and:

  • Manage the overall performance of the company
  • Coordinate the sales of Showtag.tv and build and manage the sales and marketing organisation
  • Realize the international expansion and preparing a next financing round by producing relevant material and getting the right relationships in place.


In order to keep up with this rapidly changing environment, you need to be able to adapt to new situations, from a strategic mindset to a hands-on mentality. Are you not afraid to take on a challenge, are you creative, critical and passionate, then you are the right person for this mission. To fulfill this vacancy and lead the team to the next level of success, you have:

  • A strong marketing and sales background, preferably in the media industry.
  • A bachelor’s or Master’s degree with significant experience in business development and you are not afraid to take on this huge challenge, be critical and lead the sales team in a collaborative and challenging environment.
  • You inspire (potential) clients and transport your energy when telling your story; You know how to connect people, clients and departments; You have a strong sense of responsibility in leading and spreading the word about the companies products, the business cases and goals.


If you fulfill this vacancy, you get the opportunity to become a part of something bigger. A quickly growing and changing company that is moving its headquarters to the Netherlands. You will be an important factor in making this a smooth and successful process. Are you the Chief Executive Officer Showtag is looking for, let me know!

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