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Meet the Team

Newpeople’s consultants are ambitious, eager to learn and get fulfillment from building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, candidates and freelancers. We constantly challenge ourselves to grow and enjoy working together at the REMeiland in the Houthavens from Amsterdam.


Ben Holewijn
Founder & CEO

The story of Newpeople begins in 2006, the year in which Ben founded our recruitment agency. In 2020, as a founder, he is still an important part of the organisation, both as a member of the Management Team and as part of the Executive Search team at Newpeople. Ben is an experienced headhunter and has set up several well-known community forums, including Online Tuesday and the Digital Transformers Awards. He is also the mentor of a number of successful startups. Ben is a strong advocate of open cultures and transparency as a way to increase responsibility. For example, Ben is the driving factor behind the radical approach to transparency within Newpeople, an open book culture that has been a great tool in the personal growth of people and the generation of intrinsic motivation.

Hanneke Rinkes
Managing Director Executive Search

As Managing Director of Executive Search, Hanneke is responsible for the Newpeople Executive Search branch. A role that fits her experience in Marketing, Sales and Consultancy, at ING, BSO and Unilever perfectly. She lived in England for 10 years, where she set up her own company in the field of training. Previously, she has been a consultant / partner at Tracks Executive Search. Contributing to the progress of organisations and people by connecting them is what drives her. She loves building and growing and therefore, chose to continue her passion for the Executive Search profession at Newpeople. In this entrepreneurial environment she sees ample opportunities to contribute to the growth of organisations and people in an increasingly digital world.

Michiel Hendriksen
Director Interim

As Director Interim, Michiel is responsible for the Interim department of Newpeople. A role that fits his knowledge of and network within the interim community well. Within this fast-paced world, Michiel gets his energy from sparring with clients and interimmers about trending topics in the digital world. From his many years of consultancy experience, Michiel will look for a perfect match for your organisation. What does your future team look like? Within the interim community, our Interim Team takes on assignments from the following digital domains:  e-Commerce Data & CRM Online Marketing Digital Development

Francine Comstock
Director Recruitment Online, e-Commerce, Data & CRM

As Director Recruitment Online, e-Commerce, Data & CRM, Francine is responsible for managing the teams with a focus on these domains. A role that perfectly matches her 10+ years of recruitment experience, the basis of which is in London, where she worked specifically for the Dutch IT market. Francine gets enthusiastic from linking people and is always looking for that extra bit of value within a relationship. She approaches every day and every function energetically and positively. In addition to her management position, Francine is involved in Online Marketing vacancies for seniors & managers.

Auke Walburg
Director International Recruitment

As Director International Recruitment, Auke is responsible for the management of Team International. A role that fits him perfectly as he has 10+ years of experience in international recruitment, having worked most of his professional life in Australia. When doing an internship for his Marketing Management Degree, Auke moved to Sydney and fell in love with the thrilling world of Recruitment. Having worked overseas for over 13 years as an expat, Auke has a great feel for connecting international professionals and companies. His passion? Finding that one perfect candidate, that one candidate who was perceived not to exist. Within Team International, Auke will focus on Manager and Director roles (partly concerning vacancies within the data & analytics community).

Werner Spronk
Director Recruitment Digital Development

As a partner at Newpeople and Director Recruitment Digital Development, Werner plays a crucial role within our organisation. He manages the Digital Development Team, has a number of key accounts under his wing and advises clients on developments in digital transformation, marketing and leadership. A role that perfectly fits his experience as owner of his own business and passion for advising and guiding people to be successful in their careers. Within the Digital Development Team, Werner is engaged in senior & manager roles within digital transformation.

Lorraine Koevoets
Director Brand & Marketing

As Director Brand & Marketing, Lorraine is responsible for managing the Brand & Marketing team at Newpeople. A role in which she deals with the marketing strategy, branding, online marketing, community management, social media, events, partnerships and PR. She believes in the power of pull marketing and community management, two concepts that both serve as the basis for Newpeople's marketing strategy.

Niekie Jansen
Director Executive Search

As Director Executive Search, Niekie is part of the Executive Search branch of Newpeople. Niekie’s background is with an international executive search firm, where she worked with clients across a range of sectors on leadership appointments. Since 2008, she has worked on a wide range of CEO, CFO, CMO and other C-suite assignments, as well as non-executive director positions in financial services, healthcare, consumer products, media, retail, and other sectors. Within Newpeople, Niekie acts as a sparring partner for companies in setting their digital strategy, and helps them attract the next generation of digital leaders. Niekie is passionate about helping companies think differently about how they approach their talent needs, ensuring high-impact and transformative leadership for her clients. 

Ruud Lemmens
Lead Recruitment Digital Development

Ruud has been with Newpeople since 2013, focusing on Digital Transition / Digital Development, more specifically the point where business and IT meet at a strategic level. Ruud is a fully-fledged sparring partner in the field of People, Product, Platform and Process. Ruud is both open and humorous as analytical and critical, properties that allow him to connect effortlessly. Ruud is as Lead Recruitment Digital Development responsible for roles within the Digital Development domain.

Lodi van der Mark
Lead Recruitment e-Commerce

As a Lead Recruitment, Lodi is part of the e-Commerce Team of Newpeople. A role in which he has been working since 2012 and has built up a large network within. Lodi helps e-Commerce organisations at Director and (Senior) Management level with the creation of a framework on an executive and strategic level. As a discussion partner, Lodi is open, curious and personal. The roles he focuses on are the Senior and Manager vacancies within the e-Commerce domain.

Corwin in den Eng
Senior Consultant Recruitment Online Marketing

Within the Recruitment branch of Newpeople, Corwin is responsible for the online marketing domain. Corwin has a background as an entrepreneur and digital transformation consultant. He is also active in various companies / startups as a coach, investor and part of the advisory board. Corwin has a driven attitude, entrepreneurial mindset and a structured working method. Through his experience and personality, he is experienced as a strategic sparring partner for fulfilling / solving issues. As Senior Consultant Recruitment Online Marketing, Corwin focuses on Online Marketing vacancies.

Alice Eefting
Senior Consultant International Recruitment

As a senior consultant in the International Recruitment Team at Newpeople, Alice supports companies to grow internationally. While finishing her studies Communication abroad in Belgium and France, she developed a passion for connecting with people from all over the world. At Newpeople, she now connects ambitious international candidates with the right experience and skill set to the most promising companies worldwide. Within her team, Alice mainly focuses on Senior, Manager & Lead positions.

Caran Tanke
Senior Consultant Recruitment Data & CRM

Caran is part of the Digital Analytics & Data Team of Newpeople as Senior Consultant. Because of her sincere interest in people, she started studying Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University. In order to do more with her commercial talents, she studied Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. Hereafter, Caran started working at YER, where she was responsible for the coaching of talented technical candidates and the completion of strategic roles. She then gained broader work experience at De Bijenkorf and Dance4Life. Her wish to work with people has made her return to the recruitment profession.

Coen van Acker
Consultant Interim Online Marketing

Within the Interim Team, Coen is responsible for the online marketing community. A role that fits his experience at an international recruitment organisation in the oil and gas industry. Having learned the tricks of the trade here, it was time for Coen to step into the digital world at Newpeople. Together with building a personal relationship, Coen attaches value to offering unique challenges for candidates and excellent service to clients. Within his team, he focuses on the following roles: Digital Marketing Lead  SEO/SEA Content Social Display Programmatic Performance Marketeer Growth Hacking E-mail Marketing

Victoria Schumacher
Consultant International Recruitment e-Commerce

As Consultant in Team International Recruitment at Newpeople, Victoria helps organisations to grow within the digital field by focussing on talent, drive and personality. With her international study background and experiences in recruitment, it is her passion to connect ambitious professionals with leading international organisations. Within her team, Victoria focuses on e-Commerce and Marketplace vacancies.

Lucas Steijn
Consultant Recruitment Digital Development

As consultant within the Digital Development team, Lucas is responsible for the community consisting of Product Owners, Product Manager and Scrum Masters. With his experience, including running a tech startup, various sales functions and playing professional basketball, Lucas is a valued sparring partner who can offer a new insight into your situation. He has an open personality and is easy-going, a pleasant combination with his strategic and analytical way of thinking. Features that are perfectly useful in his search for the perfect match between client and candidate.

Puck Schelstraete
Consultant Interim Digital Development

Within the Interim Team, Puck is responsible for the Digital Development community. She has a focus on people, a focus wherein she aims to unravel your key needs and ambitions  in order to create a qualitative mediation. Her greatest pleasure in recruitment is finding that perfect match. A match that you would not have been able to find yourself.  Puck started her career at a larger corporate as a sales and recruitment consultant specializing in sales profiles. After more than two years' experience in recruitment consultancy Puck has become a valuable sparring partner for current and anticipated interim roles available. These include:  Service design Visual Design UX research User Experience (Technical) project management (Technical) program management Business Consultancy  Business Development Digital Innovation (horizon 2&3) Agile Coaching Scrum Master Digital transformation Business Design Product Owner

Jeroen Goos
Consultant Interim e-Commerce

Within our Interim Team, Jeroen is responsible for the e-Commerce community. After his six years of work experience in the navy, Jeroen chose a challenging opportunity in the digital world at Newpeople. Jeroen is curious and his way of working is open and personal. He is driven to create the ideal work situation for both client and professional and to make people really happy to do their work. Within his team Jeroen is involved in the following roles: e-Commerce Managers Marketplace Managers/Specialists Category Managers Conversie Specialists Webshop Managers Online Merchandisers Head of e-Commerce/Director e-Commerce

Sebastiaan Belder
Consultant Interim Online Marketing

Within the Newpeople Interim Team, Sebastiaan is responsible for all interim assignments with a focus on the online marketing domain. Sebastiaan gets his energy from the personal aspect of this position. Building his long-term relationships with clients and candidates in order to guarantee a perfect match time and time again, that is where his specialty lies. His network consists mainly of organisations in the start-up and scale-up phases that operate within and outside the Netherlands. Herein he focuses on the following interim roles: Digital Marketing Lead  SEO/SEA Content Social Display Programmatic Performance Marketeer Growth Hacking E-mail Marketing

Ilse Olivier
Consultant Interim Digital Development

Ilse is responsible for the Digital Development community within the Interim Team. Understanding behavior and discovering what motivates people is what excites Ilse about her job. During her study Work and Organizational Psychology she already gained some experience in recruitment at a large organization and discovered that helping people find the right job motivates her. At Newpeople she saw the opportunity to find the perfect match for both candidates and clients and to become a specialist in the field of digital development. Therefore Ilse focuses on the following roles: Service design Visual Design UX research User Experience (Technical) project management (Technical) program management Business Consultancy Business Development Digital Innovation (horizon 2&3) Agile Coaching Scrum Master Digital transformation Business Design Product Owner

Daniel Keates
Consultant Interim Data & CRM

Daniel is responsible for all Data & CRM assignments within the Newpeople Interim Team. With a drive to make people happy in their work, he likes to connect professionals with suiting assignments to create an ideal work situation for both the client and professional. Daniel has a bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management and a master's degree in policy, communication and organisation. He started his career in recruitment at a data-driven recruitment company, which made him interested in the world of analytics and data. With this experience it is no surprise that Daniel focuses on the following interim roles: Data & Analytics Manager Marketing Intelligence Manager CRM Manager (Technisch) Webanalist CRO Specialist Marketing Automation Specialist Database Marketeer Business Analist Data Analist Data Scientist Pricing Specialist Salesforce / Oracle Cloud Specialist Visualisatie Expert

Loes Kleijngeld
Brand & Marketing Specialist

As a Brand & Marketing Specialist, Loes is part of the Newpeople marketing team. She is responsible for branding, (online) marketing, PR, social media, website, communication and events. A logical continuation of her study in Marketing & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. With an interest in people, culture and text, Loes creates new ways of inspiring communication.

Fleur Waijenberg
Brand & Marketing Intern

Fleur is the absolute all-rounder within the Newpeople Brand & Marketing Team. As Brand & Marketing Intern, Fleur is involved with the internal and external communication of Newpeople. She moves through the organisation and helps all the teams with organisational tasks. And this role fits her caring & organised personality perfectly.

Meike van Kempen
Brand & Marketing Intern

Meike is part of the Newpeople Brand & Marketing team as an intern. A role in which she will mainly focus on branding, (online) marketing, PR, social media, website, communication and events. Meike is studying International Business at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. She hopes to put all learned theory into practice during her internship and develop her professional skills. 

Yorick Demeijer
Recruitment Intern

Yorick is doing an internship at Newpeople and works together with the Digital Development & Data team. He conducts research on leadership styles, personal growth of freelancers and on how to optimize the recruitment process.  Yorick first obtained his bachelor's degree in Psychology and is now following the master's programme Social, Health and Organisational Psychology at the University of Utrecht. He hopes to apply all the knowledge he has gained during his studies at Newpeople.

Misja Heller
Finance Controller

Misja is, together with Marc, responsible for everything connected to Finance at Newpeople. As Finance Controller he manages all outgoing and incoming invoices. In addition, he takes care of all communication with our interim professionals concerning payment of invoices. met betrekking tot de betaling van facturen. 

Marc Post
Finance Administrator

Marc is, together with Misja, responsible for everything connected to Finance at Newpeople. As Finance Administrator he manages all outgoing and incoming invoices. In addition, he takes care of all communication with our interim professionals concerning payment of invoices.

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