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Meet the Team

We don’t take on staff just to keep our numbers up: we constantly challenge ourselves to grow. For over a decade, we’ve employed professionals who love working in an open-book company and building lasting relationships with clients, candidates and contractors. To top it off, our consultants are quite likely to be digital nomads themselves. We care about what matters most, and we advise, connect and enjoy!


Ben Holewijn
Founder & Managing Director

Ben started Newpeople in 2006, and is a member of the board. He set up the company after successfull

Godelieve Barkmeijer
Senior Consultant Multichannel Marketing

Godelieve is a seasoned recruitment consultant, with twelve years’ experience and a strong network o

Lodi van der Mark
Lead Consultant e-Commerce

Lodi has been working at Newpeople since 2012 and as Lead he’s responsible for the e-commerce commun

Jurriaan Meischke
Lead Recruitment

Jurriaan is the head of recruitment activities at Newpeople, and has also been involved in setting u

Willem-Jan de Jong
Lead Consultant Interim Key Accounts

Willem-Jan is an experienced recruitment consultant with over six years’ experience. As Lead Consult

Willeke van Hal
Senior Consultant Multichannel Marketing

Willeke has worked at Newpeople since January 2013. Initially she focused on setting up and expandin

Werner Spronk
Lead Interim

As team lead interim solutions and secondment, Werner manages the temporary assignments team. He is

Niekie Jansen
Senior Consultant Executive Search

Niekie’s background is in international executive search with Russell Reynolds Associates, where she

Gerben Dijkstra
Senior Consultant Online Marketing

Gerben is an experienced recruitment consultant with a strong network in online and digital marketin

Lorraine Koevoets
Brand & Marketing Specialist

Lorraine has been with Newpeople since February 2014 as a Brand & Marketing Specialist. Her resp

Ruud Lemmens
Lead Consultant Digital Transformation

Ruud has worked at Newpeople since 2013 and focuses on digital transition / digital development, spe

Gijsje Pothoff
Lead Consultant UX & Product Management

Gijsje has been working at Newpeople since December 2014 and focuses on digital development on the i

Maurits van der Does
Senior Consultant Interim Online Marketing

Maurits is an experienced and highly networked consultant with an in-depth knowledge of digital mark

Nick van Eeten
Lead Consultant International

Nick is an experienced recruitment consultant who recently set up the international desk for Newpeop

George Freriks
Principal Consultant Executive Search

George is a seasoned manager and entrepreneur with an extensive network of international contacts. H

Matin Abbasi
Consultant e-Commerce

Matin started to work for Newpeople in March 2015. He is responsible for e-commerce roles, with the

Thijs Speet
Consultant Interim UX & Product Development

Thijs is in charge of all interim assignments within the UX domain and plays a major role in the Dut

Janne Koel
Consultant Online Marketing

As a consultant in the Online Marketing team at Newpeople Janne concentrates her efforts on the cont

Delano Brand
Consultant International

As consultant international, Delano works with internationally oriented organisations to help them g

Elanie Bijsmans
Talent Engagement Specialist

Elanie has over four years’ experience in recruitment and previously worked as a consultant at YER a

Sam van den Akker
Consultant Digital Analytics

Sam has worked for Newpeople as a Digital Analytics Consultant since January 2016 and has establishe

Svea de Swart
Consultant e-Commerce & Category Management

Svea has worked as a Consultant at Newpeople since September 2016 and focuses on the e-commerce comm

Hessel Mulder
Consultant Online Marketing

At Newpeople Hessel focuses on performance-driven online marketers. Hessel has over 2.5 years’ exper

Olivier Schmitz
Consultant e-Commerce

Olivier is an experienced Recruitment Consultant, working in recruitment and selection since 2013 wh

Dino Hoeven
Consultant Interim Product Development

Dino is a consultant in the Digital Management team and is responsible for representing Interim Prod

Michiel Hendriksen
Consultant Interim Online Marketing & e-Commerce

Within our interim solutions team, Michiel is responsible for the online marketing and e-commerce co

Luc Ackermann
Business Intelligence & Contract Specialist

Luc has a twofold position within Newpeople. He negotiates and manages contracts between the company

Laura Beekwilder
Consultant International

As a consultant in the international team at Newpeople Laura helps organizations grow on a cross bor

Martha van Brakel
Project Assistent

Martha is responsible for supporting the marketing department. She works on online marketing, brandi

Misja Heller
Financial Controller

Since 2006 Misja has been responsible for everything connected to Finance at Newpeople. Based on his

Marc Post
Financial Specialist

Marc is the hub of the financial administration. He sees all outgoing and incoming invoices on his s

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