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Meet the Team

Newpeople’s consultants are ambitious, eager to learn and get fulfillment from building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, candidates and freelancers. We constantly challenge ourselves to grow and enjoy working together at the REMeiland in the Houthavens from Amsterdam.


Ben Holewijn
Founder & Managing Director

Ben started Newpeople in 2006, and is a member of the board. He set up the company after successfully selling his former agency to an investment company. Prior to this, he worked for several years as a consultant for a local agency, where he learned the basics of executive search and interim management. In his early career, Ben practised as a consultant at KPMG Management Consultants, where he helped companies to transform their cultures and senior managers to adapt to digital leadership. He has founded several leading discussion forums, such as Online Tuesday and Digital Transformers, and is a mentor to a number of successful startups.  

Godelieve Barkmeijer
Lead Consultant Multichannel Marketing

Godelieve is a seasoned recruitment consultant, with twelve years’ experience and a strong network of contacts in digital marketing. As a lead consultant at Newpeople, she recruits multichannel marketing professionals and directors, and advises clients on market developments, employer branding, multi- and omnichannel trends, and other issues. In her earlier career, Godelieve was an inhouse HR advisor/recruiter at various companies including Suitsupply and Nuon, and an interim recruiter at Coolblue, HoyHoy, Spil Games and Jungle Minds. This provides her with a valuable combination of outside-in experience as a consultant, and inside-out experience on the client side. Godelieve has a degree in communication.

Lodi van der Mark
Team Lead Consultant e-Commerce

Lodi has been working at Newpeople since 2012 and as Lead he’s responsible for the e-commerce community. Through his extensive network at the level of directors and (senior) management Lodi is able to help businesses design their e-commerce organization both on the operational and strategic levels. As an interlocutor Lodi is open, curious and personal, which allows him to easily connect people with each other.

Werner Spronk
Cel Lead e-Commerce, Online Marketing & International

As Cel Lead e-Commerce, Online Marketing & International, Werner manages the teams working in these domains. He is also responsible for key accounts, and advises clients on digital transformation, marketing and leadership, and digital development. Before he came to Newpeople, Werner was active as a manager of sales teams and founded his own company. He has a master’s degree in real estate studies from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Niekie Jansen
Senior Consultant Executive Search

Niekie’s background is with an international executive search firm, where she worked with clients across a range of sectors on leadership appointments. Since 2008, she has worked on a wide range of CEO, CFO, CMO and other C-suite assignments, as well as non-executive director positions in financial services, healthcare, consumer products, media, retail, and other sectors.  Within Newpeople, Niekie acts as a sparring partner for companies in setting digital strategy, and helps them attract the next generation of digital leaders. Niekie is passionate about helping companies think differently about how they approach their talent needs, ensuring high-impact and transformative leadership for her clients. Niekie gained her bachelor’s and master's degrees in international economics at Maastricht University.

Lorraine Koevoets
Lead Brand, Marketing & Communities

Lorraine has been with Newpeople since February 2014 as a Brand & Marketing Specialist. Her responsibilities include branding, (online) marketing, community management, social media, events, partnerships, PR and internal communication. Using her organizational skills she keeps all the marketing plates spinning at Newpeople and gets a lot of enjoyment from her multifaceted job. Lorraine believes in the power of pull marketing and community management, two concepts that form the bedrock of Newpeople’s marketing strategy. She developed her passion for marketing and communication during her Communication studies at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences, where she graduated from in 2014.

Ruud Lemmens
Lead Consultant Digital Transformation

Ruud has worked at Newpeople since 2013 and focuses on digital transition / digital development, specifically where business and IT interface at a strategic level. Ruud is a fully-fledged sparring partner in the area of People, Product, Platform and Process. He has an open personality and a sense of humour but he’s also analytical and critical and is able to deploy these traits to effortlessly connect people. After finishing his law degree at Leiden University, Ruud began working as a management trainee and consultant at Ormit. There he gained work experience for organizations including KWF (Cancer Fund) and Rabobank International.

Caran Tanke
Senior Consultant Digital Analytics & Data

Caran is part of the Digital Analytics & Data Team of Newpeople as Senior Consultant. Because of her sincere interest in people, she started studying Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University. In order to do more with her commercial talents, she studied Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. Hereafter, Caran started working at YER, where she was responsible for the coaching of talented technical candidates and the completion of strategic roles. She then gained broader work experience at De Bijenkorf and Dance4Life. Her wish to work with people has made her return to the recruitment profession.

George Freriks
Principal Consultant Executive Search

George is a seasoned manager and entrepreneur with an extensive network of international contacts. He has built and invested in several companies, and has been a CEO and board member of businesses in the media and online sectors. He was previously the CEO of a satellite services company based in Cologne, and has lived in Los Angeles, working with Dutch companies to expand their digital services. George is a principal consultant with Newspeople’s executive search practice. Outside the company, he travels around the world with groups of executives looking for digital innovations. This has taken him to China, Japan, Korea, Israel and the USA.

Delano Brand
Senior Consultant International

As Senior Consultant International, Delano works with internationally oriented organisations to help them grow beyond borders. Among other achievements, he was responsible for setting up the first team for the new Amsterdam office of the shopping app Wish. He specialises in finding the right combination of talent, experience and language skills within the digital domain. During his time in the UK, he worked at a digital startup and started to grow his international network of contacts in this area. After completing his studies in business economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, he was responsible for setting up the sales department of a pension company. He is now using this experience to grow the international presence of Newpeople.

Thijs Speet
Senior Consultant Interim UX & Product Development

Thijs is in charge of all interim assignments within the UX domain and plays a major role in the Dutch UX community. In addition, he works closely with colleagues on interim assignments in the area of Digital Product Owners and Project Managers. Thijs is co-organizer of the product owner hub and the UX hub. He works on assignments for major Dutch organizations in sectors such as banking, travel, retail, digital agency, and so on. Thijs graduated with a Bachelor in Management, Economics and Law, with a minor in consultancy. In addition, he has a background in high-level competitive sailing. Following the combination of high-level sports and academic studies, Thijs started his career with a traineeship at Brunel where he was responsible for representing interim specialists.

Janne Koel
Consultant Online Marketing

As a consultant in the Online Marketing team at Newpeople, Janne concentrates her efforts on the content, social media and branding community. Her focus is not only on getting to know the best online professionals, but also on advising both clients and candidates about digital transformation. Before she studied Work & Organizational Psychology she was already passionate about connecting people to organizations. Over the years her passion has only grown stronger as a result of her experiences in the world of assessment and recruitment.

Gabriëlle van Lakwijk
Consultant Digital Analytics & Data

Gabriëlle is part of the Digital Analytics & Data Team of Newpeople. She has  advanced experience working in digital marketing for various multinationals, gained a BA in Media Marketing, a BA in Philosophy and a MA in Arts & Culture.

Sam van den Akker
Senior Consultant Digital Development

Sam has worked for Newpeople since January 2016. He developed his genuine desire and passion for helping organizations transition during his Applied Psychology degree course at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). This enables him to connect candidates and organizations.

Minke van Dijk
Consultant Online Marketing

Within team Online Marketing, Minke is responsible for the SEA, Affiliate & Display community. She likes to advise on career, commercial growth and digital transformation in a personal way. She uses her passion for networking and curiosity about people to share knowledge and connect clients and candidates. After studying Dutch Language & Culture at the VU in Amsterdam, she worked at an international organization as a Consultant with a focus on Interim Change Management.

Olivier Schmitz
Consultant e-Commerce

Olivier is an experienced Recruitment Consultant, working in recruitment and selection since 2013 where he has built a powerful network of professionals. At Newpeople his focus is in the area of e-commerce, with a specific emphasis on roles that involve responsibility for both traffic and conversion. All of this at the level of professional, manager and director. Olivier is open, candid and understands people quickly, which allows him to make the right connections between clients and candidates. In addition, he enjoys advising clients about wider developments in e-commerce and omnichannel. He’s energetic and values humour as a major relationship-building tool. Olivier studied in Groningen.

Laura Beekwilder
Consultant International

As a consultant in the international team at Newpeople, Laura helps organizations grow on a cross border level. She focuses on getting to know the best online professionals with the right combination of experience, talent and language skills and advises both clients and candidates on how to best tackle the digital transformation. During and after her studies in Cross-media Culture at the University of Amsterdam, Laura both worked in the offline, online and omnichannel marketing field. She uses this experience in combination with her passion for traveling and foreign languages to develop the international presence of Newpeople.  

Dino Hoeven
Consultant Interim Product Development

Dino is a consultant in the Digital Management team and is responsible for representing Interim Product Owners, Business Analysts and Programme/Project Managers. Dino’s assignments involve working with candidates who are connectors on the interface between Marketing, Business and IT at major-league Dutch organizations. Dino got his MBA at the University of Amsterdam with Marketing as his speciality. 

Puck Garland
Brand & Marketing Specialist

Puck has been with Newpeople since March 2018 as a Brand & Marketing Specialist. Together with Lorraine, Puck is responsible for the (online) marketing, communication, branding, social media, PR, internal communication and events. Her interest in Brand & Marketing was triggered during her study at Hotelschool the Hague, which she successfully graduated from in March 2018. The variety of daily responsibilities functions as true motivator for Puck to make sure that everything is organized as smoothly as possible.

Michiel Hendriksen
Consultant Interim e-Commerce

Within our interim solutions team, Michiel is responsible for the e-commerce community. Here he focuses on manager and director level positions with a strong focus on traffic and conversion. He is energized by sparring with clients and interim professionals about trending topics within the digital world. Michiel graduated with a bachelor in commerce at University of Applied Science in Utrecht and has a master’s degree in innovation in european business at University College Cork in Ireland. Earlier in his career, he acted as a consultant for interim financials.

Alice Eefting
Consultant International

As a consultant in the international team at Newpeople, Alice supports companies to grow internationally. While finishing her studies Communication abroad in Belgium and France, she developed a passion for connecting with people from all over the world. At Newpeople, she now connects ambitious international candidates with the right experience and skill set to the most promising companies worldwide.

Corwin in den Eng
Consultant Online Marketing

Corwin is an experienced consultant in thrivening the (online) business of his relations. He has build a large network of managers and directors in various branches through his role as trainer/consultant and board member of several companies. The reason behind his role as consultant is based on wanting to be of added value for candidates who are looking for a place to thrive and maximize their talents. As Consultant Online Marketing he helps companies transform is this age of digitalisation by seeking the talents who are able to see business from a different kind of perspective. To reinvent himself, his mindset and his perspective on things, Corwin does something out of his comfort zone every month.

Sem Snippe
Consultant International

As a Consultant International at Newpeople, Sem is responsible for connecting ambitious and talented professionals to successful companies in the digital world. With a history as entrepreneur and coach, he always strives to advice people in reaching their best performance. To reach his goal of finding the perfect match with an international organisation, Sem focuses on the personality and competences of professionals.  

Geraldine Lakeman
Consultant e-Commerce

Since October 2018 Geraldine Lakeman has been working at Newpeople as Consultant e-Commerce & Category Management. Our world is very dynamic and constantly moving, which made her interest in the digital world grow. She is now responsible for the recruitment of professionals, managers and directors in the field of e-commerce with a focus on roles that aim to generate online sales. Thanks to her personal approach, genuine interest in people and integrity, she knows how to establish the right connection between client and candidate.

Willemijn Bom
Trainee Consultant Digital Analytics & Data Team

As a Trainee Consultant in the Digital Analytics & Data Team of Newpeople, Willemijn focuses on our fast changing digital world. She has finished her Research Master in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam and focused on various types of media and how these evolved during this age. Her interest for digital media has grown ever since. At Newpeople she can combine this interest with her passion to work with people.

Louise Paulussen
Contract Specialist

Louise is responsible for the supervision and identification of legal matters within Newpeople and supports the work of the organisation. She negotiates contracts between Newpeople, freelance professionals and clients. Working closely with the management team, colleagues and outside counsel, she manages contract and regulatory compliance, helps develop and implement global policies and procedures, provides research on and coordination of establishing operations, ensures compliance with the organization’s governing structures, takes lead in identifying and addressing potential legal issues and risks for current activities. She also analyzes en presents recruitment data in order to visualize performance.

Mick van der Made
Project Assistent

Since September Mick is an intern at Newpeople. She is studying Business Administration at Hogeschool of Utrecht and together with Lorraine and Puck she is responsible for the (online) marketing, communication, branding, social media, PR, intern communication and events of Newpeople.

Misja Heller
Financial Controller

Since 2006 Misja has been responsible for everything connected to Finance at Newpeople. Based on his extensive experience in the area of recruitment and interim, he often gives solicited and unsolicited advice throughout the organization in the areas of Finance HRM and enterprise issues.

Marc Post
Financial Specialist

Marc is the hub of the financial administration. He sees all outgoing and incoming invoices on his screen. In addition, he takes care of all communication with our interim professionals concerning payment of invoices. Together with Misja he forms the finance department at Newpeople.

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