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Thijs Speet Senior Consultant Interim UX & Product Development

Thijs is in charge of all interim assignments within the UX domain and plays a major role in the Dutch UX community. In addition, he works closely with colleagues on interim assignments in the area of Digital Product Owners and Project Managers. Thijs is co-organizer of the product owner hub and the UX hub. He works on assignments for major Dutch organizations in sectors such as banking, travel, retail, digital agency, and so on. Thijs graduated with a Bachelor in Management, Economics and Law, with a minor in consultancy. In addition, he has a background in high-level competitive sailing. Following the combination of high-level sports and academic studies, Thijs started his career with a traineeship at Brunel where he was responsible for representing interim specialists.

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"Thijs denkt mee en durft kritisch te zijn naar zowel de kandidaten als het bedrijf. Daarnaast ook een toffe vent :-) - Jeroen Mulder (Lead User Experience Designer | Marktplaats (eBay) "

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