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Martijn Kole Associate Director

Martijn Kole is Associate Director of Newpeople Executive Search. He is founder of Shift Happens and entrepreneur, adviser and investor with a strong interest in digital innovation. He has over 20 years of international experience at board level in the media and publishing industry. He is an expert in the design and delivery of global, top class executive innovation programs as well as in the facilitation of management board innovation trips across industries. Since 2014, Martijn has been working with Newpeople on the innovation executive programs for top clients to countries like the US, China and Israel. Strategic issues he addresses in executive search assignments are:

  • How do digital technologies and AI impact and change industries like media, healthcare, education, retail, finance and so on.
  • What does it mean for your company growth or transformation strategy?
  • What does it mean for leadership and talent? How do you create a high performing team?

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