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Gijsje Pothoff Lead Consultant UX & Product Management

Gijsje has been working at Newpeople since December 2014 and focuses on digital development on the interface between business and IT. In that context she specializes in product management and UX functions. She has in-depth knowledge of the market which she combines with a high level of organizational sensitivity. She believes in the power of long-term relationships and invests a lot in maintaining them. This enables her to attract both clients and candidates and to create long-lasting partnerships. After studying Economics at Groningen University, Gijsje found that recruitment was the perfect combination of her academic background and her keen interest in the human psyche. Earlier in her career, at Ivoren Wachters, she set up a department dedicated to representing young professionals. Gijsje is passionate about personal development and in addition to her work as lead talent development she actively trains and coaches her colleagues.

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