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Delano Brand Team Lead International

As Senior Consultant International, Delano works with internationally oriented organisations to help them grow beyond borders. Among other achievements, he was responsible for setting up the first team for the new Amsterdam office of the shopping app Wish. He specialises in finding the right combination of talent, experience and language skills within the digital domain.

During his time in the UK, he worked at a digital startup and started to grow his international network of contacts in this area. After completing his studies in business economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, he was responsible for setting up the sales department of a pension company. He is now using this experience to grow the international presence of Newpeople.

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"At WeTransfer we believe people make the difference. When we include recruiters in our search for our next awesome hires, we work with the one that truly understand what we are looking for. Delano is definitely one of them - Natascha Chamuleau | VP AdSales - WeTransfer"

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