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Ben Holewijn Founder & CEO

The story of Newpeople begins in 2006, the year in which Ben founded our recruitment agency. In 2020, as a founder, he is still an important part of the organisation, both as a member of the Management Team and as part of the Executive Search team at Newpeople.

Ben is an experienced headhunter and has set up several well-known community forums, including Online Tuesday and the Digital Transformers Awards. He is also the mentor of a number of successful startups. Ben is a strong advocate of open cultures and transparency as a way to increase responsibility. For example, Ben is the driving factor behind the radical approach to transparency within Newpeople, an open book culture that has been a great tool in the personal growth of people and the generation of intrinsic motivation.

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"Our leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow. - Anders Indset"

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