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Auke Walburg Director International Recruitment

As Director International Recruitment, Auke is responsible for the management of Team International. A role that fits him perfectly as he has 10+ years of experience in international recruitment, having worked most of his professional life in Australia. When doing an internship for his Marketing Management Degree, Auke moved to Sydney and fell in love with the thrilling world of Recruitment. Having worked overseas for over 13 years as an expat, Auke has a great feel for connecting international professionals and companies. His passion? Finding that one perfect candidate, that one candidate who was perceived not to exist. Within Team International, Auke will focus on Manager and Director roles (partly concerning vacancies within the data & analytics community).

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"If you are going to have an adventure around the world, it really helps if you can get it by working for international employers. - Steven Magee"

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