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Our Services

For over a decade, Newpeople has been helping companies in every major sector and industry to adapt to the digital era, and foster growth. We help our clients build departments, cultivate (international) teams, and attract digital and transformation professionals, managers, directors and executives. Our approach is built on trust and substantial expertise in data/CRM, online marketing, e-commerce, digital development & transformation, and multichannel marketing. We have a track record of building outstanding leadership teams across the digital landscape for hundreds of companies. To this end, we offer the following four services to our clients.


Our recruitment team focuses on building teams and placing candidates in permanent positions in (digital) marketing and transformation...

Interim & Contracting

Recruiting talented digital professionals, managers and directors for permanent positions presents employers with several challenges...

Executive Search

The new world needs new leadership, and that means new people. Today’s leaders need the philosophy of the past, paired with the digital skills of the future...


Amsterdam is rapidly becoming the digital capital of Europe. But the search for talent is not restricted to this city...

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