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With nearly 15 years’ experience, Newpeople is a well-known player within the digital domain. With our Recruitment, Executive Search, Interim, People First and International Recruitment services, we are thought leaders who have built a strong network of clients and candidates over the years in the areas of data & CRM, digital development, online marketing and e-commerce. We work for companies involved in digital transformation and for ‘pure players’ with a strong focus on digital growth. We work continuously to enhance our knowledge, acquire new capabilities, and engage and retain our network through our strong digital communities, in-depth knowledge hubs, round tables and other leading digital events. We are, among others, founding partner of Online Tuesday and the Digital Transformers Awards.


Looking for a strong digital marketing professional, a proactive manager or an innovative digital di...


An interim omnichannel talent, e-commerce hero or online marketing expert? There's plenty of choice,...

Executive Search

Newpeople Executive Search has been a thought leader in the field of digital leadership for nearly 1...

International Recruitment

No challenge is too great for us. Looking for a Russian-speaking data analyst or an e-commerce talen...

People First

Continuous development – both personally as well as at team and organisational level – is important ...

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I’m an employer, please call me back.I’m an employee, please call me back.

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