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People First

“Digital transformation and further growth within and with a rapidly changing organisation”


Continuous development – both personally as well as at team and organisational level – is important to anyone who wants to keep adding value in today’s fast-changing digital world.

As a high-level strategic sparring partner, we have almost 15 years’ experience in challenging and coaching “digital people” within start-ups, scale-ups, and corporates. We understand the key challenges faced by people wanting to grow within an organisation undergoing a digital transformation, and we know exactly which solutions work in this scenario.

Newpeople People First offers customised programs in collaboration with the best partners in the field of “humanizing digital transformation and growth”. We work with the following topics:

“Newpeople People First offers customised programs in collaboration with the best partners in the field of “humanizing digital transformation and growth”.”



Programs for you as an individual within a rapidly changing digital organisation. A professional or manager, for example, who is not afraid to work on themselves, who knows their strengths and weaknesses, and who will ask for help to obtain the best results. We offer highly relevant, individual coaching programs or the “100 Days Accelerator Program” to give leaders in a new role a kick-start and help them add instant value to the organisation, as well as the ‘Personal Development Program’ for freelancers who want to keep developing.


We have various programs to help your team. “Building a high performing team”, for example, is a customised process that helps teams move through the right stages faster (based on the Lencioni model for teams). We also offer the ‘Team Kick-Start” program, which helps people understand the qualities, pitfalls, and triggers of both individuals and teams. ‘Team Canvas” will help you, as a team, decide what you want to embody and how you want to work together (purpose, goals, values, roles, skills, rules, activities).


We also offer various customised programs at organisational level, such as “Humanizing boardrooms”. We use an assessment to determine the board’s digital-mindedness, but also how much the board knows about digital and how it is used within the organisation. Another example of an organisation-focused program is “Strategic People Planning”, which uses a scan to map how the digital department works in terms of relevant digital expertise, competences, and culture. An external assessment agency is then brought in to create an analysis of the department’s talents, areas for development, and risks.

These are just a few examples of Newpeople People First’s large range of customised programs. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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Besides Newpeople Solutions, Newpeople offers various other services, such as Executive Search, Recruitment, Interim & International Recruitment.

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