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International Recruitment

“Talent knows no boundaries”


No challenge is too great for us. Looking for a Russian-speaking data analyst or an e-commerce talent who knows the German market? Newpeople International Recruitment will find the perfect person for your position. We work with international organisations wanting to settle in the Netherlands and Dutch organisations looking at growing and expanding internationally.

Whether it’s the Benelux, the DACH region, EMEA countries or worldwide: Newpeople International Recruitment looks beyond borders to find the right candidate for every challenge. Every vacancy requires different knowledge, experience, culture or language. Our consultants are ‘search specialists’ who are experts at finding a perfect match within our network of international clients and candidates in the digital domain.

International vacancies

If you have a specific, international vacancy within the digital domain, the International Recruitment team at Newpeople is your go-to partner. All our consultants are thought leaders within their own community: data/CRM, e-commerce, digital development and online marketing. In all these areas, we have managed to build a strong network of international customers; from start-ups and scale-ups to corporates. We also know many international talents in these areas. Our consultant is guaranteed to help you find the candidate with the perfect combination of language skills, experience and talent!

“Our consultants are ‘search specialists’ who are experts at finding a perfect match within our network of international clients and candidates in the digital domain.”


Our vacancies

Are you looking for a new challenge yourself? View our international vacancies in the field of data/CRM, digital development, e-commerce and online marketing here.

How do we fill your international vacancy?

Personality, experience, knowing a language or a culture – try getting all that from a CV! It’s not easy, and that’s why we prefer to use a personal, thorough method to guarantee a perfect match. Our international consultant with the right kind of online expertise starts by drawing up an extensive job profile based on ‘people profiling’. We use this profile to properly advise you, our client, about the recruitment process, salary, and communication with the labour market. We invite potential candidates for an interview, after which we make a selection. We introduce the selected candidates to see if we have found the best match!

Newpeople International recruitment works with milestones. This means a performance-based service fee! 

Relevant blogs, events & vacancies

Other services

Besides International Recruitment, Newpeople offers various other customised services, such as Executive Search, Interim and Permanent Recruitment & People Solutions. Let us know how we can help you!

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