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“The perfect match within two days”


An interim omnichannel talent, e-commerce hero or online marketing expert? There’s plenty of choice, but how do you find that one interim professional who is a perfect match for your project? The Newpeople Interim Team can help! We have a large network of freelancers within the digital domain: professionals, managers and directors, ranging from all-round to specialist. We will find you the perfect interim professional!

We know – interim projects always need to be filled yesterday. We use our large network of freelancers and long-term relationships to quickly fill interim projects within the digital domain; our interim consultants will find the best interim professional for your project within two working days! So how does this work?

Personal touch

When you come to us with an interim assignment, one of our interim consultants – a specialist in the community of your specific assignment – will contact you. We meet in person to get to know your organisation, discuss the process we follow, and get a clear picture of the interim professional you are looking for. Acting as your sounding board, we challenge you to think about the digital issues within your organisation.

Search for interim professionals

After meeting in person, the consultant will start searching our network for suitable interim professionals. Within two working days you will receive a number of interim profiles that fit the profile and are available, which gives you time to adjust if necessary.

Expertise, experience and personality – all hard to get from a CV. The best way to find out if there is a match, is to meet in person. So that’s what we aim for when we discuss the CVs together.

“Acting as your sounding board, we challenge you to think about the digital issues within your organisation.”


Interim professional at work!

Do we have a match? Great – you can start working with the interim professional straight away! Newpeople will take care of all the rest – contract management, payroll, etc. 

Four digital communities

‘Interim projects within the digital domain’ is pretty broad. That’s why we have divided this domain into four communities: 

– Data & CRM
– Online Marketing
– e-Commerce
– Digital Development 

Meet the team to see who looks after the various projects. Contact us now to see if we have the project or interim professional you need!

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Other services

Besides Interim, Newpeople offers various other customised services, such as Executive Search, Recruitment (permanent positions), International Recruitment & People Solutions. How can we help you!

Contact Michiel Hendriksen

Director Interim
I’m an employer, please call me back.I’m an employee, please call me back.

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