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Newpeople has been impacting on (Digital) Marketing, Transformation and Leadership since 2006.

We advise our clients how to change and adapt to the digital world. Together with our communities of candidates, we inspire and help great companies by delivering them great and inspirational people. We work continuously to enhance our knowledge, acquire new capabilities, and engage and retain our network through our strong digital communities, in-depth knowledge hubs, round tables and other leading digital events.
 As an open-book company, we deliver WOW by constantly challenging ourselves to grow, be respectful and foster humility, because at the end of the day it’s the long-term relationships that matter the most. But above all, we advise, connect and enjoy!

Our services

For over a decade, Newpeople has helped companies in every major sector to adapt to the digital era, and to grow rapidly. We help them to build departments, form (international) teams, and fill (digital) marketing and transformation vacancies at professional, managerial and director level by recruiting prime candidates. Our approach is built on trust and substantial expertise in building outstanding leadership teams across the digital landscape for hundreds of companies. To this end, we offer the following four services to our clients.

Newpeople quickly becomes part of the team, working hard to understand your ever-changing needs and to draw on the right talent from their extended network

Sarah Hughes | Senior Director Business Development - WISH

Meet the Newpeople Team

Get in touch via hello@newpeople.nl or call +31 (0)20 570 20 30