Senior Product Owner Europe

Ben jij een ervaren Product Owner klaar voor de next step? Ga jij de uitdaging aan om een volledig nieuw concept, businessmodel en nieuwe producten neer te zetten? Wil jij graag werken bij een online pure player in hartje Amsterdam? Bel me snel voor de vacature Senior Product Owner Europe!

Senior Product Owner Europe

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Performance Manager

Are you an experienced Performance Manager and are you ready for the next step in your career? Do you have what it takes te get the maximum out of PPC and are you familiar with paid channels like: SEA, Display Marketing and Affiliate Marketing? Then check out this interesting vacancy!

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ROBOTICS: Deep Learning Helps Robots Perfect Skills KurzweilAI “Deep learning enables the robot to perceive its immediate environment, including the location and movement of its limbs. Reinforcement learning means improving  at a task by trial and error. A robot with these two skills could refine its performance based on real-time feedback.” ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Google and Facebook Team…

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Agile vs. Process: Why Not Both?

Agile is all about breaking free of rigid, step-by-step processes and shaking off that old “How We Do Things Here” so you can embrace creativity and ingenuity. Throw those dusty, outdated process manuals out the window! Right? Not so fast. As our productivity coach Errette Dunn explains, the Agile methodology still requires clearly defined processes. In this…

European Manager Retention & Development

This rapidly growing international company is looking out for a senior manager CRM that knows how to improve their long term success by setting up a retention strategy. Are you eager to improve their CLV, NPS and retention rate? Read along for more information about this vacancy!

European Manager Retention & Development

3 Predictions on How Omnichannel Will Be Omnipotent in 2016

It’s already happening. Gone are the days of fighting for parking spots near the mall food court and pushing rattling shopping carts through aisle after aisle. Omnichannel is allowing consumers to shop from the comfort of their living room couch or their car and from any device, making the shopping experience more on-demand than ever…

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Heb jij een passie voor e-mailmarketing en zou jij het een uitdaging vinden om verschillende A-klanten advies te geven over hun strategie? Vind je het leuk om naast het adviseren bezig te zijn met het uitvoeren van campagnes? En ben je daarnaast zelfstandig, besluitvaardig en hands-on? Lees deze vacature dan snel door!


4 voorbeelden van hoe en wanneer je influencer marketing inzet

Met de komst van het internet en sociale media is de consument minder gevoelig geworden voor advertenties en reclame. Met name millenials zijn een stuk wantrouwiger. Uit verschillende onderzoeken blijkt dat de consument earned media, mond-tot-mondreclame of aanbevelingen van bekenden meer vertrouwt dan branded advertenties en reclames. Iemand met wie jij je kunt identificeren, geloof…

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