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Ben je toe aan een nieuwe uitdaging? Newpeople werkt aan vacatures en interim opdrachten binnen het data/crm, e-commerce, digital development, online en marketing domein. Neem contact op met een van de consultants voor advies en meer informatie.

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8 augustus, 2019

Senior SEA Specialist Ingevulde vacature

Amsterdam | 50-60K

You’ve been running Search Engine Advertising for a few years now. Maybe at one company, maybe at a few. Either way, you know the job’s most rewarding when you’re successful.When you can see you’re making a difference, getting big returns, you enjoy it more. Imagine Ronaldo played for FC Dordrecht. He’d still be great, but he wouldn’t be having fun. You can practically see his face. To be successful, you need to be somewhere good. Somewhere with financial backing. Investment for growth. So if you’re getting wins where you are, that’s great. If you’re not, don’t worry. We’ve got an opportunity for you where, if you’re good, you can win more. Somewhere that’s just been backed for millions by venture capitalists. That now has the power to grow, invest in its marketing and, by extension, invest in you.

You’ll be doing what you’re good at: SEA. There are a couple of B2C brands you could be marketing, depending on the best fit for you. They’re all cool, useful, and well received. Loads of angles to market on. You’ll think up advertising strategies. Then implement them. It’s creative, but you’ll back it up with data and analytics, some of which you’ll be gathering yourself, so you’re not flying blind.  Besides, this is somewhere all ideas are listened to – you won’t be shouted down if you come up with something risky or “out there”. And this isn’t small scale, either. It’s global, in loads of languages, so any skills you have there won’t go to waste. Your “success” will be your return on investment. And because they need you to stay ahead of the latest developments in the search sector, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to learn.

So besides the challenge, the chance to stretch your creative muscles, what’s in it for you? You’ll notice there’s no salary listed at the top. Because there’s so much scope within this role, the range is just too wide to specify. It depends on what you want, and what you can bring. All jobs say they’re competitive salary. Here they can back it up. Remember the investment. So talk to us. But besides the money, the company’s cool. It’s in Amsterdam, right by the Amstel. Your colleagues are friendly and chilled. You get things like free lunches, bootcamps and yoga sessions, drinks out and parties. But besides the fun stuff, they’re genuinely invested in developing you in your career. Because, let’s face it, if you stay, it’s beneficial for both of you.  We can show you the employee video they’ve got, it’s brilliant. Frankly, if you don’t like it after that, you wouldn’t have been right anyway.

Speaking of you being right, you’ll look something like this:

  • You’ve been running B2C digital advertising campaigns for anywhere over 3 years (if loads more, fine, there’s plenty of options)
  • Ideally, you’ll have some experience in eCommerce or travel
  • You blend creativity and data, art and science
  • You’re open to new ideas, new ways of thinking

If this is you, and you want more rewarding wins, call Victoria (that’s me) on +31 (0)6 23 91 86 08. Or send your CV to victoria.schumacher@newpeople.nl  Ask any questions you want, we’ll answer honestly. This company have had backing. Now let them back you.

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