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Online Tuesday #93: ” Online Marketing Landscape 2020 (and beyond)” 12 november 2019 Amsterdam

Is marketing becoming a service or are agencies becoming obsolete?

During Online Tuesday #93 will be the Online Marketing Landscape 2020 (and beyond). We will take a look back into the past to see where we’ve come from in terms of Digital and look into the trends around in-housing versus outsourced marketing.

Gain insights from Philips Benelux on their proven in-house transition and learn about the challenges therein. Look into the past with ShowHeroes and see where the industry has gone in terms of ad and marketing tech. Catch an agency perspective on the digital marketing landscape learn what we marketeers need to bear in mind for the future.

Join us on the 12th of November at De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam for an insightful journey through the Online Marketing Landscape till 2020, and beyond.

The speakers:

Kay Schneider – ShowHeroes

Our opening presentation will address the trends in ad technology in the past, present and future, and how these trends enable marketers to change and innovate.

“Whenever we think about current and upcoming trends in digital marketing, we have to think about technology. Understanding the state of ad technology helps us to identify, assess and pursue relevant trends in online advertising.”

Laurens Gunneweg & Edwin Driehuijs – Philips Benelux

Our second presentation will give insights into Philips’ Benelux transition from outsourced digital marketing activities to bringing it all in-house over the course of the past years. Consumer relevancy is the goal, building an in-house capability the means, and vision the enabler. They will share learnings, advice and predictions regarding this trend in online marketing.

Arjan ter Huurne – Maxlead

Our third presentation will be given by Arjan ter Huurne from Maxlead. Arjan will shed light on the agency perspective and future-proofing client offerings in a market where in-housing is becoming commonplace, and where agencies seem to be “singing the same tune”. How can agencies adapt and future-proof their business to stay relevant? 


We are back at The Nieuwe Liefde, in the city center of Amsterdam @Da Costakade 102 in Amsterdam.


You can make a reservation through Evenbrite. So make sure both you as your clients, colleagues and friends have tickets and register a ticket now!

Did you miss out on the ticket sale anyways? You can add yourself to the waiting list so the first empty spot will be yours!

Did you already sign up through Meetup, do still make a reservation on Eventbrite. The Eventbrite ticket is the only valid entry ticket.


The event will be shot by a professional photographer and published on both the Socials as website of Online Tuesday and partners.

Partners and sponsors

Online Tuesday is a monthly event about online marketing, organised by Marketingfacts, DQ&A, Newpeople and Punktlich, and sponsored by Affiliate Summit and EDM Digital Solutions.


In the past Online Tuesday has been made possible by our sponsors such as Marktplaats/eBayexponentialMassariusMeasureworksOracle Marketing Cloud and Nextail. For the upcoming season we are looking for parties that are willing to contribute to our events, both financially as substantively. As a sponsor you will compile a contribution suited to your organisation.

The sponsoring of the regular sessions and the New Years Drink will be offered separately, but naturally combinations are possible.

Are you interested and would you like to know more about the different sponsoring possibilities? Get in contact with Lorraine Koevoets via 06 209 578 65 or lorraine.koevoets@newpeople.nl.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask & send and e-mail to marketing@dqna.com!

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