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How to create the best results with your team in lockdown?


Part 1 from the Virtual Product Hub. Four Heads of Product discuss how to create the best results with your team in lockdown.

The Head of Product from one of the largest scientific research platforms presents the first challenge;
“What do you do when you have so much data that you don’t know what to do with it? With a data overload and a lot of options for improvement, where do you start or focus on?”

“Let me elaborate; we see that 85% of our users only visit 5 pages, so we decided that we want to make great changes to those pages. I am however quite cautious with iterative design when it comes to such a big change. Therefore we do a lot of testing before launch to try to de-risk everything beforehand.”

HoP Education platform – “If you have a/b testing embedded in the company, it helps a lot, since people get used to thinking in smaller steps. This will get things going a bit faster. I would always recommend iterative design and continuous testing. Also, use a/b testing to test yourself and measure whether you are on the right track. Check the values you are adding continuously. You can break it down in smaller pieces, test a page section by section. Afterall the key metric is how well you´re solving problems for your users.”

HoP digital newsbrand – “You´re playing the game of your stakeholders. Perhaps you should start playing a different game, feature tested, bringing stuff to the table frequently. You could also try to launch smaller, isolated and specific features and release them earlier. There is almost always a way to make it smaller.”

HoP Education platform – “Trying and failing on a smaller scale is so important. Never undervalue those lessons, they will help you in the long run.”

HoP retail – “I have experience with at least two big redesigns. One of which the process was iterative and one was a whole change at once. I´d recommend to always try to take minimal steps. Why? Because with small pieces, one step may be negative whilst the end result can still be positive.”

HoP Education platform – “Find the one metric that all the stakeholders will get behind. For example: make sure that people read well, read better; make sure that they´re engaged. An overall success metric could be that you want payment increase. Make sure that you don´t lose people/stakeholders in the process.”

To conclude; speaking from experience, the HoP´s believe that an iterative process wins over a once stop major change. Divide and conquer. Break a large page redesign into smaller testable pieces. This way of working will provide a higher chance of a positive end result compared to implementing one big redesign at once. 

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