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The Newpeople Executive Study Tour 2021 5 June 2021 Japan & Korea


Stand still and be wise: 8 days, 2 countries, 25 peers at C-level and a lot of inspiring company visits. After our highly successful Newpeople Executive Study Tours to New York & Silicon Valley (2015), China (2017) and Israel (2018), we will be visiting Japan and Korea.

Saturday June 5th – Saturday June 12th, 2021

So, what’s the plan?

Japan is the third largest economy in the world after the United States and China. It plays a special role in innovation in the ever globalizing world whilst maintaining their own set of traditions. Given its aging population,  Japan wants to transform towards a “super-smart” society, one that will serve as a road map for the rest of the world. Boldly identified as “Society 5.0,” Japan describes its initiative as a purposeful effort to create a new social contract and economic model by fully incorporating the technological innovations of the fourth industrial revolution. In Japan, The Newpeople Executive Study Tour focuses on platforms, e-commerce, data and AI and robotization. We will also look into the impact of the upcoming Olympic Games for Japan by visiting Olympic venues and/or meetings with people involved in the preparations of the Olympic Games.

The economy of South Korea is the 4th largest in Asia and the 11th largest in the world. South Korea is known for its spectacular rise from one of the poorest countries in the world into a well developed, high-income country in just a few generations time. South Korea has more than 50 million inhabitants and has a strong focus on innovation. It has an extensive start up and scale up culture, and tries to position itself as an alternative for China. Koreans are some of the most connected people on the planet. In addition to Smart City technologies, South Korea is also leading the development of next generation wireless broadband technologies and aims to deploy 5G earlier than any other country.

In Korea we will visits technology companies, digital platforms companies which excel in Korean culture like gaming and K- pop.

Our program in Tokyo and Seoul will be an inspiring seven-day mission focused on stimulating product and services development and generating new business opportunities. All together we will participate in company visits, discussions and meetings with executives and thought leaders in the internet and technology sectors, gain insights and explore business opportunities The tour will include approximately 18 meetings and site visits tailored to the objectives of the mission and the delegation.

The organisers

The Newpeople Executive Study Tour to Japan en South Korea 2020 is being organised in cooperation with Martijn Kole and George Freriks. For many years they organize innovation tours for executives (www.shift-happens.com ), like the previous three Newpeople Executive Study Tours.

This event is invite only.

Are you interested in joining the tour or would you like some extra information? Get in touch with Hanneke Rinkes.

Let's talk! Contact Hanneke RinkesManaging Director Executive Search

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