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Newpeople VIP Travel Study Tour Israel (invitation only) 9 November 2018 Israel

Following our previous successful Newpeople VIP Connect study tour to New York and San Francisco in 2015, to China in 2017, we are delighted to organize another inspiring and exclusive tour for you towards the innovation hub Israel. This year’s destination will be the Israeli cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Newpeople VIP Travel Study Tour China (mei 2017)

The theme for this year is: ‘Learnings from a great Start-Up Nation’. Israel is a country of only 8,5 million inhabitants, so the companies in the country are forced to think and operate internationally. It has the highest density of startup companies of any country in the world, about one startup for every 2000 people. It has a great startup mentality as described in the best seller: Start-Up Nation, The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle.

The Israeli internet market is full of innovative players active as startup or scale up in the areas of cyber security, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, big data analytics, autonomous driving, sensor technology, blockchain and so on.

End of 2017 almost 100 Israeli companies were listed on Nasdaq more than any other foreign country besides China. The country is known for its research and development power and patent activity. It leads the world in the number of researchers per capita.

More than 300 multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, Intel etc have an R&D centre in Israel. Over the last years a lot of US companies acquired Israeli companies in multi billion dollar deals (Google/Waze, Intel/Mobileye, Cicso/CloudLock)

The Newpeople VIP Connect Innovation Study Tour will enable its participants to discover this emerging and rapidly developing market. We will discover:

  • New business ideas
  • New technologies with impact on platform development, e-commerce, big data analytics, search and discover
  • Insights towards business opportunities with Israeli companies
  • Insights towards the relationship of the government with innovations, the startup mentality and the startup ecosystem

By innovative learning during our 7 day program in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv we focus on new business developments in order to stimulate new product development and new revenue opportunities among VIP Connect participants. You will be joined by other delegates from the Netherlands who have a keen interest in this topic and who have the same goal of following trends, gaining new insights, and establishing new business contacts.

We will discuss and meet with executives and thought leaders ranging from digital, marketing, and technology what the latest trends are and how to maximize this within your business strategy. Within 5 days of company visits and approximately 18 meetings you will experience extensive reflection on your business and an overflow of knowledge exchange. We will visit internet, digital, and technology companies in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. On top of that we organize round table conversations with professionals and opinion leaders. The VIP Connect Innovation Tour program is a matrix of fast paced and content rich, but with some time to relax and enjoy!

Why participate?

You will:

  • Gain insights into one of the world’s most innovative internet, digital media and technology market
  • Learn more about different aspects of innovative trends and developments in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, within the internet, digital and technology sectors
  • Be able to identify opportunities and potential partnerships for your future business development
  • Gain knowledge of doing business with Israeli companies
  • Expand your network across a wide and diverse group of organizations
  • Gain cultural insight in the region, adding to your skills as a global professional

Who should attend?

The VIP Connect Innovation Tour is especially designed for senior executives and board members that are interested in business development and innovation within the digital industry. Further understanding of the global trends and the future impact of new innovations is essential for executives. Participating companies include selected major clients of Newpeople and is based upon invitation only. A list of participants is available upon request.

Program overview

As part of the program we will have a kick off dinner on October 29th 2018 at 18:30 hrs in Amsterdam whereby the participants of VIP Connect Innovation Tour will get the opportunity to get to know each other. We will also have a speaker who will introduce us into the Israeli digital world. Throughout our week in Israel we will host a reflection session, and a follow up meeting will also be organized by us when we are back in the Netherlands.

Given our expertise and network we can secure a very interesting programme with visits to Israeli companies, meetings with Dutch entrepreneurs that are active in Israel, relevant influencers in the field of science and politics, pioneers, and so on. Newpeople holds the support of the Dutch Embassy in Tel Aviv, The Israeli Embassy in The Hague, Dutch News correspondents, and Dutch entrepreneurs in Israel and can thus secure the best possible programme for you.

At this stage of preparations, this programit is a tentative programme and subject to change depending on the availability of our Israeli counterparts and focus and interests of the participants.

Friday 9th of November
Departure AMS – Tel Aviv
Transfer to Hotel in Jerusalem, exploring the city.
Welcome dinner with guest speaker Arlene Gelderblom, NOS correspondent in Israël.

Saturday 10th of November
Exploring the surroundings and history of Israel, visiting Masada, Jeep Safari with picnic in desert, swimming in the Dead Sea.
Evening dinner in Jerusalem with guest speaker.

Sunday 11th of November
Company meetings in Jerusalem:

  • Startup Nation Central (intro ecosystem)
  • Jerusalem Venture Partners
  • Our Crowd (crowdfunding)
  • Mobileye and Orcam (autonomous driving and sensor technology)

Monday 12th of November
Visit to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Transfer to Tel Aviv
Company meetings in Tel Aviv:

  • Shufersal (Israel’s largest retailer)
  • Yossi Vardi, meeting with one of Israels famous tech entrepreneurs
  • Waze/Google (mapping)

Networking event at Residence of Dutch Ambassador in Herzlia.

Tuesday 13th of November
Company meetings in Tel Aviv:

  • Bitemojo (innovative app)
  • Microsoft accelerator
  • Fiverr(C2C e-commerce)

Dinner with former Israeli prime minister Mr. Ehud Olmert.

Wednesday 14th of November
Company meetings in Tel Aviv:

  • Gett  (taxi app)
  • Checkpoint (security)
  • Yotpo (content marketing)
  • Aspectiva (consumer AI)

Thursday 15th of November
Company meetings in Tel Aviv:

  • Freshub (IoT driven cooking)
  • Quicklizard (predictive pricing)
  • Wiseshelf (IoT and AI shop management)

Friday 16th of November
Transfer to airport and flight back to The Netherlands.

The organisers

The Newpeople VIP Connect Innovation Tour 2018 is organised by Martijn Kole and George Freriks. As a team Martijn and George have organized multiple innovation tours for executives and each of them has visited Israel on several occasions.

Martijn Kole holds over 15 years of international experience on board level in the media and publishing industry and has initiated, designed, and facilitated many business executive tours. He is entrepreneur, adviser and investor and has a strong interest in the conversion of digital media.

George Freriks is principal consultant and currently active on executive level on behalf of Newpeople. He has been a manager for over 25 years and is specialized in business development and innovations throughout the media and internet industry.


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