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Emerce eNight 10 October 2020 Amsterdam

The epic party van het jaar is voor iedereen die werkt bij full service interactive bureaus, media agency’s, uitgevers, reclame & communicatie bureaus, interactive campaign bureaus, social media platforms, e-commerce teams, software vendors, startups, online marketeers, freelance professionals, website owners, ondernemers, developers, adverteerders, ad exchange managers, publishers, investeerders, hosting koningen, CMS-tijgers, analisten, tv/radio creatives, accountmanagers, email marketeers en game specialisten. Ofwel, de slimme jongens en meisjes van deze wereld.

Let's talk! Contact Corwin in den EngSenior Consultant Recruitment Online Marketing

I’m an employer, please call me back.I’m an employee, please call me back.