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Directors Only International Peer to Peer Discussion *Invite only* 26 February 2019 Amsterdam

On Tuesday the 26th of February,
Alice Eefting from Team International at Newpeople is organising the Directors Only International Peer to Peer Discussion. For this event a group of Sales and Marketing Directors from various influential organizations within the Digital Domain will come together and discuss several subjects.

The topics

To ensure that this discussion is interesting for all attendees, all directors were asked to send in a subject or question they found challenging. This input is analysed and converted into four main subjects. These subjects are as follows:

  • AI & Machine Learning
    What is its effect on the strategy of your company and how do you use it?
  • The War for Talent and highly skilled millennials
    How do you connect the right employees to your organization on a long term basis?
  • Digitalization & Use of Platforms
    How do you connect and digitalize company processes and strategy?
  • Brand & Performance discussion
    Sales and Lead Generation vs. Brand Awareness


The Directors Only International Peer to Peer Discussion is planned in the morning of the 26th of February, when everybody is fresh and active. We will welcome everyone with a lovely cup of coffee, after which the first part of the discussion will start. After the break the second part of the discussion will take place and eventually we expect to end the morning with some significant and important insights for all attendees.

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