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Unlimited Spare Parts

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Unlimited Spare Parts

Unlimited Spare Parts is a one-stop shop wear parts supplier for machines used in the food and packaging industry. Bij developing an innovative e-commerce platform, Unlimited Spare Parts aims to become the reference for the food and packaging industry and the ability to compete worldwide. Unlimited Spare Parts is a part of investment company Newport Capital’s portfolio. Using a buy and build strategy, Newport Capital is building up a powerful group of companies that deliver cutting parts and wear parts for machines in the food and food packaging industry.

Unlimited Spare Parts aims to become the “one stop shop” for its customers. The potential for growth is enormous. The company’s goal is to double its revenue in the next 5 years. This growth is realised by a combination of further developing the B2B channel for current and new clients in ways such as but not limited to, increasing the share of wallet for existing customers, expanding into other industries, geographic expansion, focussing on new, international markets and strengthening the e-commerce channel and building up the online market position. The buy and build strategy also helps to create synergy and new pricing models and helps to increase brand awareness and helps to build a new brand and proposition for Unlimited Spare Parts as a group.

We distinguish ourselves in the market by developing and producing high-quality parts for machines in the food and packaging industry. Unlimited Spare Parts


Unlimited Spare Parts has attracted CCO Norbert de Jong to define, structure and execute the commercial strategy and in this way contribute to Unlimited Spare Parts’ growth. Being able to constantly keep an overview of company-wide priorities in mind is crucial for this role. Creating a winning team and further building a new brand and a new, uniform proposition forms the basis for this.

Norbert is energetic, straight to the point, perseverant and ‘down to earth’. He works well both strategically and operationally. He is able to draw up ambitious (sales) plans, get people to be committed and to successfully make the plans a reality, together with his team. In previous roles, he has demonstrated his ability to make new markets, new clients and a large increase in revenue, a reality.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • Focus on achieving first results
  • Forerunner with knowledge, experience and best practices; has bruises
  • Already has P&L / broad business responsibility, to the fundamentals well
  • Is curious, not afraid of failure, can deal with uncertainty, reflectively dares to ask for feedback, dares to take risks
  • Data-savvy
  • Someone separate from the organization with a fresh outlook and no attachment to old structures / payment models etc.
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