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The Oval Office

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  • 4 locations Europe
  • Merger 2 agencies
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The Oval Office

The Oval Office is a creative communications agency which is unique because it places experiences at the heart of its campaigns. Its starting point is the needs of the target group. The Oval Office wants to have a positive impact on the world; a world in which consumers expect brands to have added value – for themselves, their surroundings and the planet. The Oval Office started out with live events. The idea is that event experts come up with immersive and memorable experiences that combine the best of live and digital. Many of these events gained both national and international recognition. In 2019, Bea World awarded The Oval Office the title of “Best World Event Agency”. The Oval Office has since expanded its services to also include content marketing, internal campaigns and social & digital.

The Oval Office in the Netherlands is merging with the “Bureau voor Reuring”. In the long-term, this merged organisation will continue its business using the name The Oval Office. Combining forces has made The Oval Office the strongest ‘experience-driven’ communications agency in the Netherlands which has a large impact on the market. Not only is the organisation doubling in size, but the merger also adds an impressive list of customers as well as a broad range of distinctive projects to The Oval Office’s portfolio. The “Bureau voor Reuring” has a reputation for being good at developing campaigns of which events are the flywheel. Partly because of the merger, The Oval Office is experiencing a tremendous rate of growth meaning the company now finds itself in a new phase.

In our opinion, the best way to really get to know someone is to connect in an empathetic way. We do this with our colleagues, but also with our customers and their target group. This is how we bring empathy back into our work and into the world. For real. The Oval Office


The goal of the new Managing Director in the Netherlands is to define local strategy, to structure and to execute. The MD also adds important contributions to The Oval Office’s growth and strategy from a digital expertise perspective. Creating a winning team where a positive culture is maintained is of the utmost importance. Aside from that, there is the external ambition to increase awareness of the existence of The Oval Office in the Netherlands. Having an overview of company wide priorities is essential in this role.

The ideal candidate is an inspiring leader with a background in the world of agencies. Someone that can strike the right balance between creating a sense of urgency for movement yet manages to stay focussed on guiding people and getting them on board. A strong sense of empathy is extremely important in this. He/she is also a team player that implements a culture of working together. Others see this candidate as an authority figure with a proven track record in growth. The ideal candidate is focussed on taking action, full of initiative and commercial.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • Servant leadership – facilitation, direction giving, non-hierarchical, based on trust
  • Inventing yourself and the organisation over and over again, wanting to keep learning – leadership with question marks instead of exclamation marks
  • Fully agile and multidisciplinary, creating a network organization
  • Extreme degree of outside-in thinking and focus on innovation – continuously measuring and adjusting everything
  • Ensuring agility of the organization and digital transformation from all over ecosystem companies
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