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Temper is on a mission to make the labour market more fair, accessible and efficient by transforming it through technology. Temper achieves this by developing smart technologies to enable Freelancers and clients to find each other seamlessly, ensuring that a Freelancer is always able to find the right gig, at the right place and time for the right rate. Temper wants to grow and build a winning team to become the best Freeflexers platform.

Temper is a digital notice board for flexible extra earners. More and more people are entering the job market who really want to work, but only if they can decide for themselves what, where and when. They consider work primarily as an extra income in addition to study, hobby or starting a business. The current labour market is not geared to the desire for freedom and flexibility of this growing group of extra earners, so that leads to matching problems between supply and demand. And that’s a shame, because companies are generally eager for good and motivated temporary staff.


Temper has grown rapidly over the years. In 2020 a new C-Level team was hired to help Temper move into the next phases of growth: from the early scale up days into a mature up scale up and further. To become truly product led and to raise the product development culture and practice within Temper, a Chief Product & Technology Officer is added to the management board. The Chief Product & Technology Officer scope encompasses the Product, Design and Engineering teams and is responsible for translating company strategy and goals into a product vision and strategy: the why of Product Development. The CPTO takes a position as the product & tech leader at Temper. Combines vision with execution and leads the product and engineering teams towards a new future at Temper. The CPTO creates the product and engineering vision and mission on how Temper will make the difference in their sector in the short and long term.

The new CPTO that started recently at Temper is a seasoned C-Level Executive and inspiring Product Leader with great visionary skills and has experience in leading Product Development and Engineering departments. She is someone with an entrepreneurial (start-up) mindset that is able to create a product development organization and culture for a mature scale up. The CPTO has platform experience along with a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions from visioning to execution in an agile and iterative manner. She is very data driven and has experience in creating a data driven decision making culture.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • From operational to coaching leadership (you can no longer do everything yourself)
  • Focus on people – attract, develop and retain the right team of people
  • Creating scalability through structure and processes, without being entrepreneurial, lose – create resilience
  • Clarity (communication I expectations) and personal growth (working with A-players).
  • Continue to refresh and start improving
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