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A group of friends having a good idea and just trying it out. For a fixed price a month you get a Swapfiets bicycle and they ensure your Swapfiets bicycle always works.

As part of the PON family, since Ponooc joined as a majority shareholder in 2016, Swapfiets nowadays has nearly 200.000 members in over 50 cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Going forward, Swapfiets is expanding further internationally starting with Paris, London and Milan. Other cities where biking is popular are being geared up next. Today international expansion makes up for 30% of the company’s growth. Secondly, Swapfiets is expanding by looking at their service offering. At present the portfolio of Swapfiets consist of 3 bikes (original, luxe and e-bike model) whilst they are testing electric (kick)scooters.

As a MAAS (mobility as a service) platform, their ambition is to become the number one global micro mobility membership brand with 1 million members in 2025.

Swapfiets designed and built their own, state-of-the-art digital system and platform that allows their members to fully get serviced online. Up until now, Product Development (PO, Design, UX, UI) and engineering (Developers) were part of the same team, Data (engineering and analytics) and Tech-support (devices, tooling, bugs and problems) were dispersed in different teams in different parts of the organization. With the recent reorganisation, a new role in the management team was created, combining these teams, and organizing them all centrally.


The Director Digital, Technology and Data has to set the vision for the technology and product landscape, complimenting the business roadmap provided by the Managing Director and commercial organization. Key for this role is to further translate their digitally enabled proposition into a seamless customer journey across all digital channels. Furthermore, this role is pivotal in creating the triangle between brand, data and digital, resulting in data being used to better develop products and service for their members based on their preferences and demand (predictive lifetime value). As a result, this role intertwines the brand, the technical team and the end user.

An inspirational leader with an energetic personality and excellent communication skills who can motivate and create movement in an organization. She provides gateways to ensure success, is analytical and has strong problem solving skills. She brings deep knowledge, expertise and thought leadership on digital development, customer journey thinking and data & analytics. She is someone who brings strong product and design thinking and excellent communication skills, international experience and she is culturally aware. With a humble personality focused on listening to what is needed to help the organization, self-aware and low on ego. In her previous international experience she has grown, trained, and managed a high-performing team.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • From operational to coaching leadership (you can no longer do everything yourself)
  • Focus on people – attract, develop and retain the right team of people
  • Creating scalability through structure and processes, without being entrepreneurial, lose – create resilience
  • Clarity (communication I expectations) and personal growth (working with A-players).
  • Continue to refresh and start improving
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