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Studio Anneloes

Facts and figures

  • 300 Sales points
  • Fashion Webshop
  • Omnichannel Phase


Studio Anneloes

Studio Anneloes was founded 15 years ago and designs and sells women’s fashion. Studio Anneloes has roughly 300 sales points spread all over the Netherlands, mostly independent retailers. The relationship with these ‘local heroes’ is sustainable, tight-knit and good.  Because Studio Anneloes releases a new collection every 3 weeks, the ‘local heroes’ always have new products in the shops. This means traffic to the shops stays high. The organisation has grown over the years and has really seen accelerated growth in the past 6 years by implementing a strong brand identity and by developing its own automation system. This meant production went up which, in turn, resulted in further growth.

Sustainability is an integral part of Studio Anneloes’ DNA and is high on the agenda. Studio Anneloes strives towards little stock and no overproduction and also expects that of her partners. The products also have a foodprint meter which means the consumer can see how much water, CO2 and electricity is used in the clothing production process. Studio Anneloes has also signed the sustainable clothing and textiles agreement which involves producing clothing in an honest and sustainable way.


The Head of e-Commerce is commercially responsible for the e-Commerce channel and thus also responsible for the intended revenue growth that happens through the D2C channel. He/she has P&L responsibility and is a fully fledged sparring partner for the whole organisation when it comes to the websites, the shops and all e-Commerce activities. The Head of e-Commerce leads the e-Commerce team and is able to do this in an inspiring and decisive manner. He/she also creates a well-oiled machine and is able to implement a clear structure, without losing the flexibility of the organisation.

The Head of e-Commerce that recently started at Studio Anneloes has a proven track record in growth within an e-Commerce environment. Someone that is analytically strong, data-driven, operates autonomously (proactive) and at the same time is effortlessly able to stay connected to the rest of the team. The Head of e-Commerce is very action and results-oriented, takes initiative and is commercial. Someone that thinks in solutions, continuously wants to improve and has a high level of energy. Specific core competencies for this role are being entrepreneurial and results-oriented, being analytical and thinking conceptually, having the ability to connect, being focussed on the customer and on quality and on being hands on.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • Bridge-builder
  • Evangelist & change agent – creating urgency to keep moving and the business
  • Someone who goes through walls
  • Outside-in thinker, putting the customer first and using data
  • Power of execution (think big, act small)
  • Test & Learn – you can make mistakes
  • Commitment to agility and multidisciplinarity
  • Stakeholder management – between evangelist and urgency is relevance, ambassadors breeding / recognizing and deploying
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