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Its over 1.5 million clients (dogs, cats, parrots or birds) worldwide make Petplan the biggest pet insurer in the world. In 2006, the company Veterfina of Petplan UK, obtained a licence to enter the Dutch market and with that Petplan the Netherlands was founded. This happened in close conjunction with the national vet cooperation AUV. Because of this, love for the pet as well as knowledge and ability regarding pet medical care, are at the heart of the company. Its mission is: ‘giving the best care to every pet.’ Since its foundation in 2006, Petplan has experienced significant levels of growth. In 2014, a branch opened in Germany which currently has 35000 policyholders. In 2017, the office moved to Amsterdam. Today in the Netherlands, about 4% of pets are insured with a total dog and cat population of 5 million. Petplan sees potential in further developing this market and has strong ambitions to grow. It aims to achieve this by attracting more customers in the Netherlands and getting a bigger market share. 

The Head of Growth is responsible for this and ensures that the reach and the impact of the company become bigger. Out of the 20 million dogs and cats in Germany, a very small part is insured, but there are already about 15-20 players currently active in the market, which means competition is fierce. Herein also lies more opportunity for growth. The final way in which Petplan wants to continue to grow is by international expansion in surrounding companies. The Head of Growth is also responsible for international growth. By building a central, digital marketing team that develops the (go-to) marketing strategy, the Head of Growth ensures a uniform and efficient, well-oiled machine that operates whilst always bearing in mind best practices and continuous development. Lastly, on the systems side, the odd thing needs to happen for said uniform and efficient machine.


Technology and digitalisation are an enormous help in increasing efficiency and saving costs and are necessary to actually be able to realise growth. The Head of Growth has a vision of which systems are needed and what the importance of the different systems is (CRM, e-mail, content) and of data usage, in order to steer this well. Petplan is on the verge of the scale-up phase where on the one hand a number of things are really well-organised and on the other hand a number of things still need to be further improved in order to realise ambitions of growth. The Head of Growth is responsible for developing and executing the commercial policy, has P&L responsibility over the growth of all channels, is responsible for implementing scalable processes and structures without the organisation losing flexibility and for managing and coaching the marketing managers in the various countries locally.

The Head of Growth that has taken on this challenge can strike the right balance between creating a sense of urgency to keep moving and putting personal focus on guiding people in this process. Connecting and inspiring are essential parts of this. He is strongly analytical, data-driven and operates autonomously. Others see him as an inspiring leader and authority and someone who has a proven track record when it comes to realising growth in an international B2C environment. He brings a strong personality (curious, constructively critical, driven, no-nonsense attitude, proactive and loyal), the will to “score”/being results-oriented, an entrepreneurial spirit and a hands-on mentality. He is someone that thinks in solutions and has a high level of energy. Aside from that, he can really make an impact in his broad role and can really contribute to Petplan’s next phase of growth.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • From operational to coaching leadership (you can no longer do everything yourself)
  • Focus on people – attract, develop and retain the right team of people
  • Creating scalability through structure and processes, without being entrepreneurial, lose – create resilience
  • Clarity (communication I expectations) and personal growth (working with A-players).
  • Continue to refresh and start improving
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