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  • 1993 Founded in
  • Fastest growing Car sharing company
  • MAAS Platform



MyWheels is the fastest growing car sharing company in the Netherlands with an ambitious mission: bringing the number of cars down from 9 million to 1 million. MyWheels has a young, fast-growing team to realise this mission, working from their office in Amsterdam and their hub in Rotterdam.

The current CEO has been at MyWheels since 2016 and ever since then its growth has accelerated. In 2019, The Sharing Group became a shareholder. The company grew from 150 cars in 2016 to almost 2500 cars at the end of 2021, in the top 20 cities in the Netherlands. This growth meant MyWheels replaced Greenwheels as market leader last year. When it comes to people, MyWheels also saw an expansion in the past year: it went from 8 to 30 people.

The challenge that the current management faces is continuing this level of growth and bringing the company into a new phase in which scalability and professionalisation are of great importance. The ambition is for the company to double its revenue in the coming year by growing even more so that it has 3500 cars on the road and by putting the right people in the right place.

The concept of car sharing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has been a popular theme in the mobility landscape for a number of years. MyWheels has the goal of further expanding its position as the biggest car sharing company in the coming year. Its focus will be big cities and on obtaining full national coverage. The most important goals when it comes to this growth are:

  • An increase in the number of drives by bringing in new customers and making already existing customers more active
  • Putting the MyWheels brand on the market in a sustainable way
  • Further developing the B2B and B2C proposition
  • Further working on the marketing & sales departments and lifting these to a higher level
  • Digitalisation, lifting the platform and the data-driven way of working to a higher level

To strengthen the MT, bring more seniority into the organisation, realise growth and unburden the CEO when it comes to leading commercial activities, MyWheels attracted a CCO to further strengthen and play a key role in the MT.


Willemijn Rijpma is recently started as CCO at MyWheels and has commercial responsibility for its growth both in revenue and number of customers.

As a CCO, she is capable of implementing a strong brand identity and continuing to develop this. By doing this, new target groups will be reached and current clients will be activated by implementing an optimal marketing mix across all the channels (online and offline). Important responsibilities of the CCO include:

  • Developing a long-term commercial strategy and ensuring a clear execution that the whole organisation carries out;
  • Further developing brand awareness and proposition; translating the ‘why, how, what’ well across all the ranks;
  • Realising the ambitious revenue/growth targets in the B2C and further developing the B2B market segment.

Willemijn is strategic yet at the same time very hands-on and brings a commercial mindset. She thinks in possibilities and is good at communicating. She has ambitions without having a big ego.

In the past Willemijn has had commercial P&L responsibility in various organisations. She also has demonstrable experience when it comes to building up a new business and new propositions in consumer markets. She also has great knowledge of the (digital) marketing value chain: acquisition, segmentation and retention.

Willemijn is also very customer-focussed and works with the starting point of customer journey optimisations, building up customer-relationships from loyalty programmes and subscription models, in order to realise growth.

In this way, Willemijn has proven her ability to successfully build up an organisation, with a focus on cross-functionality and brings a growth mindset to MyWheels.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • From operational to coaching leadership (you can no longer do everything yourself)
  • Focus on people – attract, develop and retain the right team of people
  • Creating scalability through structure and processes, without being entrepreneurial, lose – create resilience
  • Clarity (communication I expectations) and personal growth (working with A-players).
  • Continue to refresh and start improving
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