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Jumbodiset Groep

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  • 60 countries Active in
  • Expand e-Commerce Internationally
  • Omnichannel B2B Phase


Jumbodiset Groep

Jumbodiset Groep develops, produces and sells games, puzzles and toys. Jumbodiset Groep was created in 2007 because of the merge of Koninklijke Jumbo (headquarters in Zaandam) with Diset (headquarters in Barcelona). Currently, Jumbodiset Groep consists of a group of renowned toy companies with a strong heritage, international sales in over 60 different countries and around 220 employees. 

In 2015, the process of setting up one central organisation by merging Koninklijke Jumbo with Diset, started. In the ten years leading up to that, both organisations operated as sister companies in northern and southern Europe. 

The process of building a centralised, uniform organisation of which the components are in tune with each other, has continued and since, new companies have been added to the group.

The next step is digitalising across every part of the company with a specific emphasis on (further) expanding and developing online sales and e-commerce activities.

International sales expansion, the development of new products and the further development of online sales are examples of important components to obtain the ultimate result of revenue growth.

The new e-commerce director is responsible for building up and expanding this digital first company and accelerating e-commerce growth. Besides developing e-commerce, optimising Marketing, IT and Logistics is also a core focus which is the foundation upon which to build a strong omni-channel organisation in the next couple of years.


As e-Commerce Director, Jurriaan Hes is the most important link between the central company organisation and the various different markets, to ensure that all e-commerce touchpoints represent the products of the Jumbodiset Groep in the best way possible.

Besides the growth of e-commerce, another goal is to make digital sales an important driving force behind Jumbodiset Groep’s brand awareness whilst simultaneously stimulating sales through traditional channels.

Jurriaan Hes will be responsible for the development and execution of the digital roadmap and he ensures the best customer experience on all e-commerce touchpoints (pure players, bricks & clicks, B2B, D2C, marketplaces).

Aside from this he also stimulates digital consciousness within the group, increases the digital possibilities and builds a digital mindset within the wider organisation.

Jurriaan is an analytical and energetic e-commerce executive. He is facts-based, curious and a “hands-on strategist” with a positive, critical view on things. He is results-oriented, driven, informal, innovative and has a strong commercial drive. He has a background in worldwide online and e-commerce roles in retail surroundings and a track record in implementing B2B and B2C platforms for all markets.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • Bridge-builder
  • Evangelist & change agent – creating urgency to keep moving and the business
  • Someone who goes through walls
  • Outside-in thinker, putting the customer first and using data
  • Power of execution (think big, act small)
  • Test & Learn – you can make mistakes
  • Commitment to agility and multidisciplinarity
  • Stakeholder management – between evangelist and urgency is relevance, ambassadors breeding / recognizing and deploying
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