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Since 2017, BlueMovement, a brand of BSH Home Appliances, has aimed to make consumers’ lives more carefree, sustainable and affordable by making the ownership of home appliances obsolete. At BlueMovement you can rent out home appliances at a fixed monthly fee. BlueMovement remains the owner of the appliance and makes sure that repair, replacement and maintenance is offered as part of the subscription, to ensure a carefree household. 

BlueMovement is on a mission to provide the world (starting with Germany and the Netherlands) with affordable, sustainable and carefree household equipment. The BlueMovement idea was first launched in the Netherlands in 2017 and integrated into the strategy of BSH in Germany in 2018. Instigated as an innovation project driven by BSH in their quest to increase their business from recurring revenues, and as part of their overall strategy to set up and increase their D2C channel. In 2019 BlueMovement was relaunched as a separate brand of BSH with a business entity in Germany and the Netherlands.

BlueMovement is part of BSH Home Appliances, one of the world’s leading home appliance companies and is the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe. BlueMovement operates as an independent Business Unit. Direct reporting lines for BlueMovement lead into the Digital Business Unit of BSH HQ in Munich. The current setup of the team is structured around a central marketing & operations team and local business and product presence in the countries. 

BlueMovement attracted a Country Manager NL in collaboration with Newpeople to help grow the organisation in the Netherlands and coordinate the growth and strategy with BSH, BlueMovement Germany and potential new countries in 2021 and 2022. As he helps grow the D2C business of BSH by scaling up BlueMovement in a fast and professional way, the Country Manager makes sure the business model of BlueMovement will remain complementary to the BSH business overall.


The Country Manager leads the customer acquisition in the Netherlands and ensures fast paced-growth. He will localize BlueMovement’s value proposition for the Dutch market and ensure running customer operations and service. In addition, the Country Manager will outline the plan and execution timeline, and drive the execution of these plans. Furthermore, he will be responsible for the overall P&L/budget. Next to this, The Country Manager will lead, manage and develop a truly passionate BlueMovement team. Finally, he will manage close relationships to and alignment with BSH’s country leadership and the central BlueMovement team. 

The main focus for the Country Manager is growth, the second focus is positioning of the brand (attractive, relevant offering, right pricing etc) and setting the right marketing mix in general. The third focus is partnerships around circularity, sustainability and other related themes, and the fourth and final focus is on retention and CRM.

The Country Manager is an energetic person with excellent communication skills who can motivate and create movement in an organisation. He provides gateways to ensure success, is analytical and has strong problem solving skills. He brings deep knowledge and expertise on (digital) marketing and online growth by building a brand and attracting customers. He is someone who brings a strong entrepreneurial mindset and excellent communication skills. He brings a humble personality, is self-aware and low on ego. He has a strong focus on getting things done and achieving success within the team. In his previous experience he has grown, trained, and managed high-performing, international teams. 



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • From operational to coaching leadership (you can no longer do everything yourself)
  • Focus on people – attract, develop and retain the right team of people
  • Creating scalability through structure and processes, without being entrepreneurial, lose – create resilience
  • Clarity (communication I expectations) and personal growth (working with A-players).
  • Continue to refresh and start improving
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