Atida is one of the largest online pharmacies in Europe, with a mission to redefine the true meaning of the concept ‘online pharmacy’. Their aim is to help people make better decisions about their health. From proactive to curative and regardless of your goals they offer an experience that is always about you. They firmly believe in a future where the journey towards good health becomes a trusted and truly personal experience. They recently launched Atida Pure which is a new, personalised vitamin and supplement programme.

Atida is situated locally in various European countries and is expanding its international headquarters in Amsterdam. To make their ambitions to grow a reality, they have hired a C-Suite team that has experience in building up marketplaces and e-commerce companies. The dynamics and challenges in this case lie in understanding what is necessary to build something up from scratch whilst at the same time being able to operate at the level of a scale-up

After having hired the C-Suite team, Newpeople was asked to work with Atida to continue to design and expand their digital team. This cooperation varies from thinking about the challenges faced in a strategic manner, creating promotional content for employer branding, setting up a business profile and hiring a team that will help Atida build up Europe’s largest online pharmacy.

Open vacancies:

The candidates that were hired all identify strongly with Atida’s values: ethical – empathetic, healthy and well – humble and honest – curious and courageous owners – fun. They enjoy building up something new whilst at the same time understanding how they can connect people and interests with each other


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