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Atida & Newpeople building a winning product and marketing team


Atida has the ambition to have a significant impact on the health of millions of Europeans by becoming a platform that focuses on the holistic health and well-being of our customers. Europe is experiencing a steep increase in non-communicable diseases (often chronic), which now account for 90% of EU health care costs. Increasingly, consumers are starting to notice as well, but it is often quite challenging to find the right information and then change your lifestyles. So where can people go for trustworthy and high quality advice and products to improve their health proactively? There is no such clear place yet.

To change well-being and pharmacy for the better, better for you, better for us and better for society.

We have the ambition to be that place. A place you can have in your pocket for instant honest advice (scientifically backed), great products to improve your health proactively, but also reactively if needed, and a resource that can refer you to other experts if more support is needed. Truly become your trusted gateway to improve your overall health – with a great customer experience that is built on trust, caring, expertise, personal and intuitive design.

Atida’s vision

Today Atida already is the 3rd largest online pharmacy in Europe, while the online market leaders are DocMorris and ShopApotheke (both public companies). We believe we can overtake these more traditional online players by redefining what ‘online pharmacy’ means and grow our business significantly to a leading position across Europe in 2025.

This coming fall we intend to launch Atida Pure. This is a completely new proposition – for everyone who wants to become and stay healthy, Atida Pure is your personalised and flexible program to improve your nutrition, through high quality products, consults and measurements – always backed by rigorous science.

In the winter we will launch Atida Plus, which will redefine what online pharmacy means in Europe with a strong focus on putting the consumer central in everything we do. Joining our company now provides you with the unique opportunity to help shape these propositions and impact tens of millions of lives.

Atida’s jobs

Atida has big ambitions: becoming the 360 degrees healthcare platform in Europe. Do you want to be part of this new team? Check our vacancies:

– Lead Product Design (view vacancy here)
– Senior Digital Analyst (view vacancy here)
– Performance Marketing Lead (view vacancy here)
– CRM Marketing Lead (view vacancy here)
– Senior Visual Designer (view vacancy here)
– Senior UX / Product Designer (view vacancy here)
– Copywriter (view vacancy here)

Atida’s company values

Being in health, we feel that what we do, how we work and what we deliver, has a tremendous impact on the lives of tens of millions of people. Treating them and ourselves should be done in a human way, with regards to the high standards of our market and product. And so our values must be in line with what we do:

Ethical: We place diligence, integrity and responsibility at the forefront of our mission;
Empathic, healthy and well: We all care for all our people – customers, suppliers and employees;
Humble and honest: We don’t like to boast, we let our actions and results speak for themselves;
Curious and courageous owners: We are hungry for knowledge, not afraid to act quickly on what we’ve learned and behave like business owners;
Giving back: We care about the world around us and we are grateful for what we have;
Fun: We work while having fun.

Join the teams of Joost van Hilten and Mattia Santin

Joost is a experienced Chief Marketing & Product Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the e-commerce, telecom and retail finance at OLP, Wehkamp and Mckinsey & Co. Skilled in marketing, product management, driving commercial results, data science, and building & leading teams. MBA from Harvard Business School.

I am a marketing professional with 14+ years of experience across ecommerce, retail, mobility, travel and healthcare. I know a thing or two about media, growth, team building, strategy and solving problems….I also have pretty good survival skills (raising two little children).

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