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Advisory Board

Advisory boards are one of the best-kept secrets of entrepreneurs. They can help significantly boost success. Ours provides high-level intellectual and strategic guidance to our team, and its members are senior leaders in the digital world. We meet with it twice a year, to help us achieve our growth ambitions and make sure we’re meeting our clients’ needs.

Meet ourAdvisory Board

  • Peter Sonke Director Online | KPN & Telfort
  • Olivier van Duijn CEO | Marktplaats
  • Danny Menken Group Managing Director | Eleven Sports Network
  • Rob Langezaal Chairman Supervisory Board | ASN Bank
  • Jacob de Jonge Advisor
  • Georgette Schlick CEO Netherlands | FremantleMedia
  • Peter Driessen Co-founder | Spil Games
  • Ben van der Burg CCO | Triple

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